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Nuño, a man rich in wisdom



WHO’s this somebody said to be the talk of the town in mi ciudad de Zamboanga as the local version of PDAP Queen Janeth Napoles?

JUST heard from a pretty credible source that her ‘lavish’  life style earns the ire of many Zamboangueños who are still reeling from the two recent huge crisis up to now, in mi ciudade de Zamboanga dismally portrayed as a virtual  dystopia(nightmarish society), which is very true.

THIS buzz can be well attested when opening our Face-book in the internet.

AND, I did, as well, though  yes, still doubtful of her supposed wrongdoings.

NO personal drive at all,  but it has to be unveiled as this local ‘Napoles’ version supposedly works with our very own LGU here.

LET’s hear from her too, if she just hangs around here, for it’s not fair to poke an accusing finger at her downright— unless proven otherwise. 

HE has proven too darn well his undying love for public service, and he’ll be there to prove once more such worth to his people— especially in these times of crisis.

CITY Councilor Abdurahman “Aman” Nuño, the Liga ng mga Barangay President, and the incumbent Brgy. Chairman of Taluksangay will run unopposed, though, in the fast approaching Nov. 25 special barangay polls.

WHY unopposed?
“Na quien pa man quiere man balabak cun Ka Aman lli, pencing? C Ka Aman lang puede dale canila buen vida lli, Jun,” c Bogs ta comfirma maga buen trabaho d Consehal Aman Nuño.

WHEN interviewed yesterday morning as I happened to drop by his office in the sangguniang panlunsod(city council), the battle-scarred city legislator for nearly three decades confirmed he’s in the thick of the barangay race in his own village in the east coast, albeit without foe to contest him for its top post.

“Mine is Right and Just,” briskly declared Councilor Nuño his Theme in running on Nov. 25(Monday).

AT the same time, the veteran city alderman strongly condemned the (Nov 11) Ayala night grenade bomb attack that claimed two lives and wounded 11 others, including its incumbent Brgy. Capt. Didy Librero who just declared he’ll not give up his re-election bid, despite what maims him now.

“I absolutely condemn such a dastardly act, and we don’t want that this carnage will recur in our place,” Nuño rued.

NUÑO is unperturbed, as he wishes all bets in this crucial Nov. 25 brgy. elections the best of luck.

“MAY the best man win, and I hope if anybody is pitted against me, he’ll do better than me— especially in education, in wisdom and in love for my country and my people,” Nuño humbled himself.

WHEN asked why he prefers to further serve his constituents, notwithstanding his vast accomplishments and achievements as a public servant-leader, Nuño retorted: “ There are still many things to be done here, more so, because of the recent crisis that really have tormented and have traumatized up to now so many lives in our city.”

THAT’s Councilor Abdurahman “Aman” Nuño whom I have learned a lot since our own so-called ‘face-off’ many years back.
“I have also learned a lot from you, Jun,” he shot back at me— his statement oozing with such wisdom, knowledge & understanding that I’ve kept them always to myself up to now.

HONESTLY, said Nuño’s encouraging statement has helped me change my whole life— most especially Spiritually.

GOOD Luck Aman!

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