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Lumbangan folk moan its swarming garbage dumpsite



CONGRATS! to Dist. 1 Councilor Myra Paz Valderrosa Abubakar for having been recently elected as new President of the Philippine Councilors League(Region-9) Chapter.

SHE was reportedly the choice of the majority when all city councilors from Pagadian, Dipolog, Dapitan, Isabela and ZC gathered last week in Pagadian City to elect their new set of PCL officers in the region.

AGAIN, Congratulations to lady councilor Myra.

LETís now buckle down to our usual day-to-day works!

(And when doing so, include GOD, in all our

routine activities, so He wonít abandon us in our daily needs).

Deberasan se..

LETís focus on our poor and hapless teachers assigned in our cityís far-flung island barangays.

AS WE all know, the island villages said to be in danger to tread in these days, are supposedly Sacol & its own adjoining isles, and the cityís other outlying island barangays that yearn for the formal teaching of their all school kids residing in those pretty isolated places.

AND, as our avowed commitment & pledge from our own city government, to amply protect them by providing them proper security escorts coming from our AFP/PNP units here, these teachers of oursómostly, we gathered, are femalesó courageously brave themselves, nay choice at all, to travel those rough seas with their few uniformed escorts en-route to their supposed eerie destinations, and stay there all weekdays to mainly do their teaching tasks, only to return home every weekends to the cityís the mainland.

SUCH habitual trips of theirs continue on every school year round, as they face the grim prospect of falling easy prey to these known predatorsóespecially those dreadful Kidnap-For-Ramson(KFR) sea bandits that just abound our nearby coastal lanes.

WHY am I saying this? Because there are a lot of teachers out there, still being haunted and so much apprehensive while making their nonstop mandatory journeys to these island barangays of ours, majority found nary any permanent security detachments and/or outposts supposedly for their own constituentsí required safety, security & protection.

A HIGHLY reliable source revealed to pencing that such awful mode of providing ëadequateí security escorts to these our nerve-racking teachers assigned in those timid islands, poses likely dangers, just the same.

THE FACT, these supposed AFP/PNP security sentinels assigned to guard our teachers while on sea travel on board their small motored water crafts, are said normally mobile in patrolling our sea-lanes, as wellóbesides performing their security tasks for the teachers, doesnít give any better assurance of their safety and security that they virtually beg to thwart any repeat of those past abductions/ kidnappings involving their very peers in the teaching profession.

ONE of the most notable kidnappings in the pastó wherein these island barangays-assigned teachers were snatched by KFR bandits, were the Busay kidnap incident of at-least three elementary teachersó two of them were said to be females. Iím not so conversant of its exact details, but what I know of, it actually happened one late afternoon while those kidnapped teachers were bound for home towards our cityís mainland on one weekend after their weekdaysí laborious teaching jobs in (Busay?) island.

WHAT about the noise we used to make about our so-called effective Bantay-Dagat campaign to help out distressed people living in the island villages, and others in same misery, as they are all vulnerable to our known nemesis stemming from the seas?

THESE are questions lingering always in our mindsó pragmatically from those teachers having the sheer dedication & devotion to mentors all those school kids whose parents are dearly desirous to improve their lives in our society by having their well- educated/well-schooled grownup kids pursue their goals in life. And, one of such is to help their many unschooled parents, relatives & friends living in those dotted islands where lives are somewhat desolate and pretty derisory.

TO these unsung heroes(our teachersó particularly those assigned in risky island barangays and/or their sitios), Kudos to all of you!

THESE disturbing reports reaching pencing regarding the wobbly situation on the verge of exploding into a glary scenario in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, have to be hastily looked into by our proper authoritiesó lest itíll happen with all certainty.

THIS is all about our gravely ill Lumbangan dumpsite in the east-coast area.

THIS Lumbangan garbage dumpsite is reportedly filled up to its brim already, and yet the cityís heaps of garbage picked up and collected daily by our garbage trucksó its huge piles in monstrosityó are still being ditched out there.

SOURCES near the area, accordingly, have complained already to our authorities concerned, yet they still have to hear from them up to this date.

ìQueber tu Jun, porcause cay lleno ya se Lumbangan dumpsite, el cuchinadas agua ta sale lli, especialmente si tiempo aguasero, ta cay para lli na ila gayot communidad, donde na mga caseriyas,î the one complaining, gave his dreary account about the areaís unhealthy & filthy surroundings.

ìMira ya era se aton ciudad pencing,î c Bogs ya combersa ya tamen.

ìPakimodo man se puede atende aton ciudad cay talli pa se problema de mga evacuees. Nuay pa ganeí kta puede resolve cunese, cay patay patay kta dao alli,î ya umentaí tamen este c Ador.

ìDeberas man tamen. Puede pa ba dale atencion cunese aton controversial dumpsite issue. Hindeí ba se dao cambia cunese lli na Salaan sanitation dumpsite Jun,?î c Nado tamen ta pregunta.

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