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Thanks Gen. Sonny Y. David


Itís well for the Governor of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Basilan to have contributed sacks of rice and relief goods to help the more than one hundred thousand Muslim victims of Nur Misuariís attack of Zamboanga City on September 9, 2013.

Some Muslim organizations from Manila such as Islamicj Directorate of the Philippines headed by Shariff Juhur Hali, the Anak Sug Alliance for Peace and Progress headed by Datu Sansibar Hadjulani and the Imam Council of the Philippines headed by Col. Ebra Moxsir, Al-Haj, were here last November 19, 2013 and delivered a considerable quantity of relief goods in cooperation or partnership with the PCRG Director, General Sonny Y. David of the National Police Commission of the Philippines.

Col. Russel Balanquit, representative of General David, had significantly delivered several truckloads of relief goods for the victims through Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco Salazar in the presence of the Barangay Leaders, Imams, Ustadzes and Ulamas such as Ustadz Wakil at the Zamboanga Police Station where thereafter a forum was held and ideas exchanged for the sake of peace and solidarity of the Filipino people.

The Mayor received the donation wholeheartedly while she reassured that the victims of the Zamboanga Standoff shall be rehabilitated in due time accordingly.

In a related development, the muslims in Zamboanga City and other places in the country strongly condemned the barbaric attacks in Zamboanga City by the Misuari MNLF factions led by commander Malik.

Misuari MNLF leadership is warning and majority of the muslim do not anymore support him.

By: Prof. Abubakar B. Mohammad

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