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MUCH-awaited ABC prexy rivalry goes pfft!


THE WORD: “ IF YOUR ENEMY THROWS YOU A STONE, THROW HIM BREAD IN RETURN.” Just what does this mean in the Scriptures? It only means we need not retaliate or exact vengeance at all.

THERE’s this funny talk going around amongst our good chatterers here as they naughtily stage a rivalry of sort, coming up with their own making of a billing in our lingo.

“Sabe yo cosa se pencing,” c Bogs derecho ya entra su paka cuchara malabao.

“Aber cosa man dao se?” c Ador ya contesta nuay na ora.

“Cosa man dao aber?” c Nado otro tamen sabiondo ya entra na cuento.

THEN Bogs blurted: “Manga Carabao contra Manga chupadera!!”

THE supposed much-awaited big matchup for the ABC presidency scheduled on December this year fizzles out as the strong bid of ex-Councilor Cesar “Sang” Jimenez, Sr. for the Brgy. Ayala chairmanship during the Nov. 25 special brgy. polls in ZC ended up badly.
THE known El Ombre de Ayala lost to its incumbent 

Brgy.Chairman (Didy?) Librero who pursued his reelection bid despite rendered severely wounded by that grisly Ayala grenade attack that happened during a strong downpour that night of Nov. 11—resulting to 2 dead, beside having 10 others also hurt, most of them serious as well.

AND this leaves Nuño with perhaps just one foe to contend with in a bid to test his seeming invincibility as far as the ABC in mi ciudad de Zamboanga is concerned.

STRONG rumors afloat thick & fast — naming Nuño’s possible worthy opponent for such post as the young Gerry Perez, dubbed, as well, as the invincible Putik barangay captain.

“Bunito ste laban, pencing,” c Bogs ya tamen yaman pa sabe.

“Deberasan se pencing. Igual ese dao laban d Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. c na boxing kta tan cuento,” c  Ador tampa sabe tamen na pulitika.

“Porque man asta boxing ya el cuento bosotros lli? No era’ kta pone’ gallo cunesos dos, cay barcada sos,” c Nado ya entra tamen na cuento.
“Na pulitika, nuay barkada, barkada mas, hinde ba pencing?” c Bogs ya ace claro.
“AY amboooytt!!

IT was an 8-7-1 outcome that came from the August Body during its regular session yesterday— in favor of the Sadain proposal.
THE Sadain move is to bring the CDF issue to the Department of Budget & Management(DBM)- on its regional level, following the privilege speech of its own proponent Dist. 1 Councilor Melchor “Mel” Sadain.

IT all stemmed from this PDAP brouhaha that reached even the Supreme Court, elevated by those vehemently opposed to it.

And, the High Tribunal’s recent Ruling declared it as grossly unconstitutional.
SADAIN, a lawyer, is the first in the August Body to declare he’d yield to the SC’s findings— handing down its landmark (an almost clean sweep verdict): 14-0-1, in declaring with finality the illegality of the PDAP— henceforth Unconstitutional.

THE council’s 8-7-1 (nominal voting) result— opting for the DBM to disclose its position on the matter— indicates there was clear rough sailing in the August Body prior to its division of the house.

BUT, in the end, they decided for the DBM to make its own stand on such issue— as it’s DBM that gives the final go-signal for all gov’t fund releases.

THIS reported P2 million CDF entitled to each councilor in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, and totaled some P40 million a year in appropriation for the whole 19 members of the August Body— including its SP presiding office (the city vice mayor),  is said aimed solely for the implementation of the infrastructure projects in the city’s whole 98 barangays, “upon the intervention, assumption and participation of the lawmakers.”

AND, this is what makes it illegal,” Sadain said, on the strength of the recent SC ruling.

SADAIN urged all his colleagues in the council to heed and respect the SC decision by waiving their own CDFs too.

THE Sadain measure is yet to be reckoned, and its likely delay can even do harm to their supposed recipients— especially to those already pledged of such assistance, only to find out they’re unfairly & unjustly prejudiced in the end.

THIS, we’d all like to avoid happening.

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