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NBI tipped on fake SAROs months ago yet


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Train the child in the way that he should go, and he will never depart from it when he grows old…” (Proverbs 22:6, the Holy Bible).

NBI TIPPED ON FAKE “SAROs” 4 OR 5 MONTHS AGO: The National Bureau of Investigation already received formal complaints against fake or spurious “special allotment release orders” (SAROs) as early as four to five months ago coming from businessmen who were duped to pay more than a hundred million pesos as grease money right inside the Department of Budget and Management, by people who appear to be known among DBM officials and employees.

Representatives of the defrauded businessmen told me that the people they were dealing with in connection with machines that can be used by local government units during calamities or natural tragedies insisted on talking with the businessmen right inside the DBM, where they were even introduced to some officials and employees in the department.

These representatives also told me that the businessmen already sought the help of the NBI four to five months ago and have in fact given their statements detailing how they were enticed to shell off millions of pesos, in exchange for SAROs showing the names of their companies and the amounts to be paid to them, which SAROs however turned out to be false and fictitious upon subsequent verification with other officers of DBM.

QC YOUTH BRAWL: HOPE OF THE FATHERLAND? Did you see the ABS CBN TV Patrol report last November 26, 2013 which featured young men and women engaged in a vicious brawl right in the middle of Timog Avenue in Quezon City, over what bar they would transfer to since the first bar where they had been drinking earlier in the evening already closed?

If you did, you would have surely thought, like I did, that, if these are the kind of youth we have today, young people who stay up late eating and drinking and then beating up one another for a nonsensical issue like where they should get drunk next, then, indeed, a very grim and dark future awaits our country and its people.

We have to remember that those caught by ABS CBN cameras fighting with one another in wild abandon, unmindful of other people looking at them, obviously belong to rich and moneyed families who can afford to stay up till the wee hours of the morning because they do not need to work the next day anyway. It is frightening to think that these are the leaders who will take over the reins of government in the very near future.

FILIPINO KIDS NO LONGER TAUGHT ABOUT THE BIBLE: Why is this happening to our children? The most compelling reason is that, contrary to what the Bible is trying to teach parents, the Filipino youth of today have not been trained in the way that they should go, which is, in the training and instruction of the Lord, from His Bible. I am willing to bet that our children today no longer know anything about the Bible, because no one has taught them so.

BROUHAHA ON RECLAMATIONS: LAW OR EXECUTIVE ORDER? Which is higher: a mere executive order, coming solely from the President of the Philippines, or a law which Congress deliberated upon, approved, and then signed by the President? I am asking this question in relation to the on-going brouhaha over reclamation projects from Manila Bay and other coastal areas in the Philippines.

Previously, the law on the matter is the Local Government Code of 1991, signed by then President Cory Aquino. This law says that local government units have the right to approve reclamation projects. Now, President Benigno Aquino III, Cory’s son, signed an executive order which says that it is no longer the LGUs which have the power to approve, but the Office of the President, through the National Economic and Development Authority. Huh?

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By Batas Mauricio

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