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A ‘word-war’ in SP



WHY the uproar on a tiebreaker as far as the council’s nominal voting on the Sadain CDF referral to DBM is concerned?

NOTHING new really— except the ‘rarity’ as claimed by some sp frequenters the other day.
“THE concurrence of such a tie is its rarity while the breaking of the tie is my duty,” VM Cesar Iturralde, retorted (with a rhyme)— being the sp presiding officer who broke the tie, allowing the Sadain resolution to ask DBM’s legal opinion on the CDF issue spawned by the infamous PDAF scandal.
THE PDAF was eventually declared by the SC as grossly unconstitutional.

BUT, let me ask this from both VM Iturralde and the battle-scarred City Councilor Aman Nuño why the heck put up a word-war show in-front of those tv cameras for public viewing huh?

I’m sorry, but such a ‘brash’ display should better not be repeated again, for your sake, and most of all, for the sake of our council’s integrity.
WE respect and hold you all— as honorable members of the August Body— in high esteem, and for being our duly-elected and/or appointed city legislators.

Nuay ki personalan, trabaho lang, cay dol ya kda umalin el issue contra canila.

C ya sinti’ man, pues pasensyahan yalang kta, nuay gat ki personalan, na issue lang gat ste.

AS public servants, you’re all subject to fall to any public scrutiny — if found rather unbecoming or uncalled for, either wittingly or unwittingly.
Na, no kta man pikon o man onion skinned, cay public servants man gaha’ kita..

HOW true is this ‘report’ that our Zamboanga City International Airport(ZCIA) will soon be named as “Maria Clara Lobregat International Airport” huh?
“Na todo yalang para del mga Lobregats pencing?” c Bogs ta reclama.

“Nuanay kta derecho cre, Bogs,” c Ador ya purfia, dol para cunel mga Lobregats cguru ste.

“ IF there’s smoke, there’s fire,” aba yaman ingles, ingles c Nado— el verdad lang, de alla alla gat ste.

“Na porke malo ba c pone nombre di Ma’am Caling, cay sa keda man le alcalde, y congresswoman pa tamen,” c Ador, dol ya abuya ya su color.
Ay amboooutt!!

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