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Real rehabilitation for Yolanda victims


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel (that is, God with us)…” (Isaiah 7:14, the Holy Bible).

REASON TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS: As the first day of the month of December increased our preparations for Christmas 2013, many are asking whether, in view of the natural and man-made calamities that have afflicted the Philippines for this year, there is still a reason to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior. My answer is yes, there is!

The destruction and devastation notwithstanding, it is undeniable  that the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, continues to abide among many of us, especially among those who have been chosen and anointed to remain righteous and to live a life principally dedicated to listening to His Word, the Bible, and obeying His commands.

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS: The fact is that, even if many Filipinos no longer listen to God because they no longer read His Bible and no longer obey His commands, thereby living a life of godlessness as predicted by 2 Timothy3:1-9, there are those who have chosen to rise to the challenge of righteousness, accepting Jesus as God and Savior, reading the Bible everyday, and meditating on it and obeying what is written therein every second of their lives.

These are the people who will save this country from the destruction of the ungodly. They will be the reason why God will spare the Philippines from the “great crash” that had been promised to unbelievers and sinners. In fact, these are the people of God whom He had anointed to lead His people, aided by the angels and the saints, in the final battle against dark spiritual forces, which will happen in the Philippines. Are you one of them?

SORRY END TO A PROMISING CAREER: If reports are true that Charice Pempengco tried to commit suicide allegedly because she no longer has money, that would be a sorry and tragic ending for an otherwise promising career as a singer. Too, it would show to the world that there was a defect in her life as a believer of God. For no believer in God, who should have been trained to fear God and value life, could ever try to commit suicide, whatever the reason.

REAL REHABILITATION AMONG YOLANDA VICTIMS: Yes, the Aquino government could spend even more than the P41 billion it has earmarked for the rehabilitation of the Yolanda-ravaged areas in Leyte, Samar and other Visayan localities, but then, no real rehabilitation could ever occur among the victims and their families. Why? Because real rehabilitation will never be found in new buildings and infrastructures or in roads and bridges.

Real rehabilitation must start with the hearts and minds of those who lost their loved ones, their homes, their farms, their businesses, and their properties. It is the mind, the heart, and the human spirit, that must be the targets of rehabilitation efforts here.

The government is therefore making a big mistake in thinking that Leyte, Samar and nearby areas will rise again. Indee, new cities could be rebuilt by new concrete jungles. But the new buildings and structures may show just that—new buildings and new structures, which could only crumble and be washed away again when bigger typhoons come.

RETURNING TO GOD AND SPIRITUALITY: Side by side with this physical rehabilitation, there must be a rehabilitation of the mind, the heart and the spirit, by programs that would make our people return to God and to godliness, to spirituality (not religiosity), and to a deeper fear and love of God. It is only when Filipinos realize that it is only God who can make them rise from the ashes of death and destruction that real rehabilitation starts. Sadly though, there is nothing about spirituality in President Aquino’s rehabilitation plan.

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