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Poor Mayor Beng, she can’t answer them all



AND so, curfew finally has been declared officially lifted by the CMC headed by lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar.
WELL & good!— especially for local biz-men here, always yearning for it.

NO less than the DILG here confirmed about security risks now being held at bay, and supposedly put under control.
Ohala’ deberasan..

HOW about these supposed 2nd attack that still rears its ugly head right now?
ONE supposed credible military source sternly warned that such persistent ‘2nd attack’ could even be true.
Ampara yalang kanaton ki!

Nuay pa gane’ kta resolbe se crisis ke tiene kta ki, especialmente ese Sept. bloody crisis, y aura’ talli yatamen se 2nd attack dao?
OHALA, no se ocuri’ na pensamiento ila, cay bien pobre ya gat aton ciudad (de flores o Asia’s Latin City?).. alli lang buwisstan ya kta ki, cay bien buyung ya gat kta ste..

WELL, we had this press-con yesterday morning (Dec.2) with our Crisis Management Committee (CMC) here led by Mayor Beng, and together with her in the press briefing held at the City Hall conference room were AFP spokesman Maj. Ramon Zagala, Jr., the DILG top brass, some city councilors, City Administrator Antonio Orendain, Jr. and others.

FROM what we gathered direct from them, it’d sound there’s much light we see, at the tunnel’s end, so to speak.

THE lady city executive, in her usual appearance, acted highly optimistic of the supposed imminent bright future of ZC that lies ahead.

WITH the mammoth financial help of P3.9 billion coming from the national gov’t as assured by no less than Pres. Noynoy Aquino III, and all the numerous donations from abroad, who will not?

BUT, the question is: Are we sure we can get it fast enough to start off what we’re all after?

REMEMBER, we aren’t the only one—I mean ZC— being fervently attended to by the national gov’t.

THE national gov’t is right now addressing to the multi-pronged “monster” problems besetting the country this year— like a wholesale package deal coming from the ‘curser’ itself (“kien man dao el jinx ki?” ta pregunta c Ramon) — as Yolanda came in while the nation was still in mourning (and even up to now) what struck ZC and Bohol.

BOHOL, we all know, was likewise tormented when a powerful earthquake of 7.2 intensity scourged the place—killing many lives and devastating a swath of lands and property too.

THE question hangs on up to now: “When will the huge rehab here finally begin?”
ALL these given assurances are likened to a broken record since we heard the same thing all over again in the past.

“Cansao ya kta uwi se clase de anuncio, pencing,” c Bogs ta cunsumi’ ya tamen.

Mayor Beng, though, made it a point that all these bright hopes for our “shattered” city will be realized soon.

“Including the complete clearing of those “eyesores” along the RT Lim Blvd. mayor?” c Ador ya ace su pregunta na ingles.

“Nupuede gane’ c Mayor Beng, contesta cuando tu pencing ya pregunta c puede ba le pone strong posture image na publico, ese pa gaha’,” c Nado yan duda.

Ese pah!

MAYOR Beng apparently wanted her local folks here to rally behind her— and think positive like her that a new dawn will surely rise in mi ciudad de Zamboanga for its own betterment— after being so traumatized, sending those nightmares throbbing in us even to this day.
LET’s wait & see then, and give fair credence to our own mayor’s latest statement of hope anew.
“Pero, sabe tu pencing, c palabras lang pirmi, dol akel tamen ta pone’ canaton na purgatorio c cuando ba akaba aton penitencia,” otro ste c Nado de monte siempre ta combersa, ke bien banayattt gayott!!

AND, there’s this disturbing report escalating about the supposed invasion of the stuff of illegal drugs like shabu in the evac center of the JFE sports complex in Baliwasan.

Worse, here comes this most sensitive issue of prostitution right now stalking in the evac site/s.

No lang ese HIV/AIDS man calayatan gat ki, mas pa na Africa.

Asta donde yalang el alma aton kiiihh!!
Destrosao ya se aton modern rubberized oval, y talli pa se clase de report, ke bien buwsitt ya gayot kta ki ya kedaa!!

MORE congrats! to more winners in the last Nov. 25 special brgy. polls in mi ciudad de Zamboanga: Rey P. Modillas—re-electionist Brgy. Chairman of Cawit, and his new set of kagawads, like Madz Askali Rufo S. Lukman; Beyong Molina, Pacita G. Canaway, Marjorie J. Sta. Teresa and Cosme A. Ungab, Jr.

Kap Modillas spelled some of his projects/programs they’ll primarily focus on for the betterment of the Cawiteños in district 1 as follows: 1.) Peace & Order; 2.) Health & Sanitation; 3.) Livelihood Program, and 4.) Skills Training.
SEE you then..

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