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Cong. Lilia Nuño wants full probe on fake SARO




WRONGLY implicated, Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño has urged proper authorities(most likely on the lead is NBI) to look deeper into the new scam, the so-called SARO(Special Allotment Release Order), so as to clear the names of the innocent, and punish those guilty ones.

As she vehemently denied any involvement, the motherly congresswoman, wants her involved staff, a certain Emmanuel Raza, to be thoroughly investigated by the said agency, as her name and the integrity of the Lower House have been badly put to shame.

“I want this Raza and those John Does be fully investigated, and for them to come out with concrete results as early as possible,” the unperturbed lady solon disclosed to pencing in a one-to-one interview last Friday afternoon.

She said that Raza wasn’t well known to her. But when House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte,Jr. confirmed he’s with her staff in the Batasang Pambansa, she immediately called up her chief of staff Allen Ruste( a true-blooded Zamboangueña) .

“And that was the time that this Manny that I knew is actually Emmanuel Raza his full name.

“I told him frankly that I was really surprised why such a report came out, dragging my office to this so-called scam,” Ma’am Lilia added.

SHE described Raza as not that type of a crook. “He didn’t look to me as one, because I could see him doing his job very well.”

“I told him to go to the NBI and clear his name. And he answered me in the affirmative. But, I have an inkling he’s under threat now, because up to now, I learn he failed to appear in the NBI,” Nuño further said.

Ma’am Nuño said she was trying to work out for the PHILHEALTH assistance to all the beneficiaries that are now having a hard time availing such help, due to the recent SC Ruling— declaring the PDAF issue as unconstitutional.

“What I thought they’d (GMA tv) interview me about the PHILHEALTH, but I was surprised it was about this fake SARO that one of my staff is reportedly involved,” Ma’am Lilia further related with gusto.

SHE said Speaker Belmonte advised her not to worry much because he believes she’s innocent on this new sham involving gov’t funds whose releases are done by the DBM.

She said aside Raza, there could be others involved as well, at-least 3 others, one from the office staff of Belmonte, another from the staff of a congresswoman from Cagayan Valley where the funding of some P161 million would have supposedly gone with Raza’s alleged moonlighting activities, and another involved someone must be an insider from the DBM.

NONETHELESS, everybody knows that the neophyte lady solon from Brgy. Taluksangay has just assumed her first term in office at the House of Reps., and what’s very clear is that there’s no more PDAF to talk about.

Cong. Nuño also clarified that this Raza and others remaining as her congressional staff in her office at the Batasang Pambansa , mostly if not all, are “holdovers” recommended to her by her predecessor, and in this case, our ex-Congressman Erbie Fabian who lost in the last May 2013 polls.

BUT, when the media interviewed the former Congressman from Brgy. Mercedes, he also said same thing—those staff were also holdovers.
Ese pah!

“Quemanera man kta ste pencing, dipicil man kta saca claro ki?” c Bogs ta reclama ya tamen.
Espera anay Bogs, no ba apura man sobiondo. Urilla anay, por pabor.

AND for so long this same staff was working with them( of course with the exception of Congresswoman Nuño as she was only elected last May, as first termer in the Lower House), “Nuay gayot sila gole’ nada cunestos?” aba c Ador ta questiona tamen, dol tiene laman gayot su pregunta.

“Siguru busy lang tamen c Cong. Erbie,” otro ste c Nado de monte, chambarul siempre ta combersa, cay idol dao suyu c Cong. Erbie. Espera bos! Bien entrador gat bos na cuento. Palta atencion ste..

MA’AM Lilia N., according to political buffs here, “for what’s happening to her right now, is gaining a tremendous media mileage in her political career which started from being a lady councilor in her district (for 2nd consecutive term) right to her unexpected stardom in the Lower House.

“This is a blessing in disguise really for her, because of the tremendous political mileage she’s gained nationwide due to this supposed SARO scam involving her office. We know for a fact, and everybody will later know that she has nothing to do whatsoever with such a ‘malpractice’ in Congress,” a rabid Nuño supporter stressed.

“They’ll later discover the real Ma’am Lilia Nuño— our motherly congresswoman from dist. 2. She’s even working very hard for the good of our city, especially the known distraught communities in her district, as there’s no more PDAF to talk about. But, with or without PDAF, we’re very sure, Cong. Lilia Nuño will never abandon us,” the Lilia Nuño’s host of supporters claimed.

LET’s hear more on this latest ruckus  that even dragged unfairly the name of our good Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia Nuño, to this supposed fake SARO— believed just a tip of the iceberg when reported just last week.

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