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For congressmen who want GMA out on Christmas


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “...There are those who oppress the innocent and take bribes and deprive the poor of justice in the courts...” (Amos 5:12, the Holy Bible).

ENTRAP CROOKS IN THE JUDICIARY: Facebook reactions and posts: From Tomas Barrameda, on removing lawyers from the control of the Supreme Court: “Atty. MLM Jr., there is no need to remove SC control over lawyers. Remember that it takes someone who knows the corrupt and their corrupt activities to catch the crooks in the act. Thus, my suggestion is this.

“Use the knowledge of those who know about corrupt judges to bate (sic, should be `bait’) them into their usual corrupt deed. Let’s call that `entrapment’. Ensure NBI surveillance will discover how they manage to get away with their corruption.

“After gathering evidence, then file the corresponding case supported with sufficient evidence. Catching the crooks in the act of doing their criminal activities will certainly cleanse the judiciary, legislative, and executive branches of government. And that’s how to use prior knowledge...”

REJECTION OF GOD LEADS TO CORRUPTION: From Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller in Florida, USA, on corruption in the judiciary: “I cannot comment about the judiciary there in the Philippines Sir but I can tell you from personal experience here in the US. Because so many Americans reject God and the Bible, corruption in the judiciary has led to many abuses and even deaths of good men, women and children here.

“There seems to be little or no justice here any longer. Only the very rich here can afford justice. God bless you Sir, and may the Lord Jesus heal our nations...”

FOR CONGRESSMEN WHO WANT GMA OUT FOR CHRISTMAS: From Atty. Trixie Cruz, on congressmen wanting Gloria M. Arroyo out of prison during the Christmas season so she can be with her family: “Dear members of Congress: If you people have selective amnesia, I don’t.

“When my clients were in jail, under GMA’s regime, none of them got a break for being sick. Gen. Miranda collapsed in the bathroom of his detention and it took Gen. Lim to plead before the court martial a week later for anyone to consider getting him medical help. It took another week for the court to make a decision on a life or death matter.

“Maj. Aquino’s sister was dying from cancer, and even as his counsel pleaded for humanitarian leave, GMA’s CSAFP denied his repeated requests. She died. Those too were Gen. Esperon’s words: `She died?’ As though anyone would fake cancer to get a furlough. Oh. Wait...”

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