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“Dinumdum ko ikaw” (I Remember You) Tacloban


by: Dr. Debbie Montesino Balingcos

Indeed I do remember you Tacloban. Four years in Divine Word University (DWU) (1983-1987) in the heart of Tacloban, was long enough for footprints to be left behind and for hearty memoires to bring with forever. I will never forget the hardy readers and critics of my first book Introduction to College Writing and Research which was published by the University Press through them my inspirers; Dr. Nenita Tamayo, Dr. Josephine Yulo, and Ma’am Arce. My Doctors of Arts professors in Leyte State University, my students and fellow teachers, my neighbors in Sta. Fe, in Youngfield and in Sagcahan, Kandahug in Palo by the sea.

I dedicate to you Tacloban three of my translation works (100 OPM to English). Dinumdum Ko Ikaw” your theme song composed by your notable dramatist-poet Iluminado Lucente. “Pangarap Na Bituin” because I know that tomorrow when you will wake you will find, beside you will be the bright star of your dream, because you are a resilient people. “Ako ay Pilipino”. Because of you the true Filipino spirit of heartfelt pakikiramay and bayanihan, surging tremendously from Filipinos both inside the Country and outside – were vividly seen by the whole world. What a mirror of sterling values any race could be proud of. Indeed our love for what’s good and true heart is a heart and spirit’s yield – because yours like a springfall, like a blitzkrieg.

The approximate and dynamic equivalence techniques were used in translating the songs so you can sing them unite the rising and falling of notes the way they are sung in the original. Their themes of origin are also retained.

Happy singing.


When the sun’s trail get’s nearer to setting

And I know I will be far from you

Then the fears in my heart start their breaking

Oh what anguish and pain they bestow

When at dawning the dewdrops start falling

Leaves and flowers are mist-laden hues

How my tears fall as a springfall

Never ceasing in ambient flow

Then at evening the pain gets more

As the sadness grows even more

Sadder still when the birdsongs

Are sad songs about you

When the west has turned crimson

When the sun slowly basks at morn

When all the mayas have flown

I remember you.


Where in the blue could I find

Good life for a lifetime

Good luck has been elusive it seemed

They are only real in my dream

A look with prayers to the skies

Makes me smile and hope to rise

For there a gleaming star,

will give me light to guide my steps aright


I’ll reach the stars that hold my dream

Reach them one day at a time

Someday will shine

Behind the darkest cloud a silver line

I’m stronger now in heart body and mind

Tomorrow when I wake I will find

Beside me is the bright star of my dream.

How many nooks in this earth,

hidden there are desperate lives

Those who live life through every scratch

Everyday strive from hand to mouth

A look with prayers to the skies

Makes me yearn for a new life

Change is within our pow’r,

for in our hands our own tomorrow lies.



I am a Filipino

Sprung from noble heritage

My love for what’s good and true

Is a heart and spirit’s yield

Oh Filipinas beloved homeland

No purer jewel east of the sun

Your mighty ramparts, your lovely strands

God’s Eden land

My heart my mind they all stand

For what’s beautiful and good

Your sons from thousand islands

They and I are just one world.

I am a Filipino

I am a Filipino

One nation one ideal

Is the dream I pursue

For country flag and people

I give my life my all

I am a Filipino

Filipino strong and true

I am a Filipino

I am a Filipino

Proud to be truly Filipino

We’re Filipino

I and you.

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