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Our city jail warden in trouble?


CRIMES abound anew!

ACCORDINGLY, (to which I fully agree), crimes are on the upsurge again, right after the lifting of the curfew early last week (was it on Dec. 2?) in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

“THERE they go again, as wild as those in the known wild, wild west country in the USA,” rudely remarked one old folk here.

“Deberasan pencing, nuay mas tamen sila respeto na aton autoridad, especialmente cunel aton mga pulis ki. Nusay’ ta acuri ki este mga crimen, hinde’ man sila ta puede aresta o kui cunel mga suspechao. Porke gaha’ pencing?” c Bogs ya ace pregunta suyu.

“Poreso manada aura tan duda na aton mga pulis, baka tiene sila lli participation, cay hinde’ gane’ ta cui cunesos,” aba c Ador ta duda.

“Sabe tu pencing, pakimodo man sila puede cuhi, cay nuay gane’ sila ta ace ila patrulla, embarca, embarca lang sila na ila mga mobile car. Debe tiene tamen deployment di-ila mga foot patrol ki, especialmente na lugar lubrigo, nuay gane’..” c Nado ta despresia.

SCORES of high profile crime incidents have emerged lately, and to name a few: holdup/robbery on an Eso Gasul store along Veterans Ave.; the wounding of a couple in Brgy. Guiwan and the most recent was the gun-attack authored by a still unidentified gunman or gunmen( hired guns kuno’) last Friday night on an Assistant to the President of the Ateneo De Zamboanga University(ADZU), 49-year old Ma. Victoria Cabanes Montano. And there were still other major crimes we failed to dig on from the police files last week.

ASIDE the crimes, we also noted the supposed increase in road accidents at night.

“Mas bueno pencing, debe bira ole el Curfew na ciudad,” c Bogs ta recomenda.

“Hinde’ rabia canila gaha’ el business sector ki c bira otrabes el curfew?” c Ador ya contesta.

“Rabia’ canila asegurao, pero’ para bien man gaha del ciudad para pella na ese clase de crimen y otro pa cosa mga violation, cguru debe man curfew gayot. Basta from 12 midnight to 4am lang,” el de monte, este c Nado ya ace tamen le su suggestion.
INDEED, the shooting rampage persists again in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. As of Sunday, at-least eight shooting incidents were reported, the police said. The most recent killed 31-year old Sabri Omar y Jainuddien, married who was mercilessly gunned down while driving his single Yamaha motorbike colored black supposedly by two-motorcycle riding gunmen armed with an armmalite rifle.

“Terible’ pencing! Nuay mas gayot miedo na aton otoridad cay broad-daylight el atake ya ace sila,” c Bogs ya denuncia. One innocent lady passer-by named Mary Jane Ko, 36 was injured in the right leg when hit by a stray bullet.

Keber se! dol nupuede man ace nada aton mga pulis ki. Cosa aba sila inutile pencing?” c Ador ta reclama.

“Ese tamen CCTV surveillance camera, dol ya ace man canaton loko, hinde’ ta puede usa’ dao?” aba’  el de monte c Nado tampa sabe tamen gayot. Espera bos..


FOR MORE than a week now, ZC Jail Warden C/Insp. Julius Arro has been out of town, it was gathered from one jail guard when pencing called up last Sunday for a possible interview over the phone.

“He has been out of town for more than a week already sir,” responded on the other line by the jailguard on duty.

JAIL warden Arro, it was learned, has been bothered by a supposed dilemma in his own outfit—meaning there are those within their organization, out to discredit him as our city warden here.

TOGETHER with another media practitioner, pencing managed to interview the city warden (supposedly from Iloilio), serving in mi ciudad de Zamboanga for (more than 2 years now?)

VERY accommodating to us two, when we visited him about a week ago or two— offering drinks( not hard but soft-drinks, of course), Maj. Arro admitted the rigors and the adversities of his job as the city jail warden of the ZCJS where the overcrowding woes of inmates inside their cells is seemingly unbearable.

“This has been the problem here… this overcrowding of our inmates in our jail station,” the young city warden concurred.

AND, what about these noxious reports of supposed hazing or about allegations of brutal treatment on inmates?

Maj. Arro said he’s willing to face his accuser/s as who’s really telling the truth.

He said there are “some” inside their organization who’re really hell-bent to kick him out from his present post.
He declined to name names, though.

He said he welcomes any probe to be conducted by their own higher-ups in the BJMP.

“ I welcome any impartial probe to ferret out the truth behind all these allegations,” Maj. Arro stressed.

AND from us— the media sector, we’re here to help inform the public nothing but just the truth behind all these ‘talks’, as those allegations being imputed are but serious ones.

The public ought to know— and for the media, known as the purveyor of Truth, to report nothing but( I repeat) the Truth!

AS we rest our piece for today, we wait for Maj. Arro and, if possible, the other parties supposedly involved, to come out in the open, and refute all these allegations, if indeed, both are plainly being put into a bad light by a third party, if any.

BUT, for the meantime, we give them all the benefits of the doubt on this vile issue.

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