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UN probe on aid; better way to fight graft


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people…” (Proverbs 14:34, the Holy Bible).

UN PROBE ON YOLANDA AID THROUGH FACEBOOK: If Valerie Amos, the chief of the United Nations humanitarian missions, really wants to know the truth about relief goods not having reached many Yolanda victims yet, all that she has to do is search the social networking site Facebook, and she can confirm, via posts and pictures, that, indeed, many victims have not been given any relief goods yet, even as of now.

This is of course scandalous and constitutes criminal neglect, for the Philippines already received billions of dollars in aid from both local and foreign donors. How come many Filipinos who suffered the wrath of the super typhoon still are unable to receive the billions of dollars that is legally and morally due them? Will somebody explain this, please?

BETTER WAY TO FIGHT GRAFT & CORRUPTION: Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales is correct in trying to create a greater awareness among our countrymen about graft and corruption in government. But then, she must have realized by now that simple awareness would not be enough to lessen or eliminate the scourge of corruption. Something more effective has to be done by her and her office but, sadly, she does not seem interested in it.

What is this “something more effective” against corruption? It is instilling righteousness, spirituality and morality among our people, through a sustained effort to educate all of us on God’s standards of daily living found in the Bible, and through an earnest program that will compel our people to comply with and obey those Biblical standards.

Indeed, when a nation lives by what the Bible says, listening to God through His Word and obeying His commands as a way of life, there would simply be no room for graft and corruption, for injustice, for favoritism, for bias and prejudice, among Filipinos, especially among those who are serving in government.

OMBUDSMAN LAW REQUIRES RIGHTEOUSNESS AND SPIRITUALITY: Morales may say that this is no longer part of her work as the chief graft buster of this country, and she maybe correct. But then, Section 15 of Republic Act 6770, or the Ombudsman Act of 1989, directs her office “to determine the causes of inefficiency, red tape, mismanagement, fraud, and corruption in the government, and make recommendations for their elimination and the observance of high standards of ethics and efficiency.”

Without doubt, that directive requires the Ombudsman to work so that righteousness, spirituality and morality among the public, in general and among those in government, in particular, can be instilled, and thereby reduce or eliminate inefficiency, red tape, mismanagement, fraud and corruption.

How to do this? Among the older generations, the Ombudsman can require the holding of Bible studies among Christians and Koran studies among Muslims, and prayer sessions or meetings whenever they transact with any government office. This is in fact being done by the courts in our country now, with the recitation of the “ecumenical prayer” every start of hearings. Among the children, their curriculum can include subjects on spirituality and righteousness.

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