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KAP Totong Perez’ crafty response




WILL Kap Gerry “Totong” E. Perez vie for the ABC Presidency or will he not dare face and try to break the long winning streak of (Liga ng Mga Brgy. President) Councilor Abdurahman “Ka Aman” Nuño as ABC President?

“Mira yalang gaha’ kta na ora(Let us just see when the time comes),” came his timid reply.

THE 42-year old Brgy. Capt. of Putik granted an exclusive interview with this corner last Monday in his posh residence in Putik( of-course) , though reticent first.

He said he’d probably call for a press conference shortly before the holding of the scheduled Dec. 18 ABC (Association of Barangay Chairmen?) elections for its new set of officers scheduled this coming Dec. 18.

THE election of the new set of ABC officers here usually comes right after the nationwide barangay polls that’s calendared every three years.

ZC was compelled to hold its special brgy polls last Nov. 25 in lieu of the two colossal crisis that struck in mi ciudad: the Sept bloody siege then followed by the massive floods that inundated large portions of the city’s low-lying communities.

Those two herculean catastrophes displaced hundred thousands of the city’s populace, aside having over 200 lives lost and hundred millions worth in damage to property.      

KAP Totong Perez said, right now, he’s more focused on his barangay where peace & order is his topmost priority.

He said he’s using amply well his so-called CVOs(Civilian Volunteers) that proves highly effective in backing up the policemen assigned in his barangay.

HIS intelligence network is effectively working well in close coordination with his own people in the community.

“Sila ta ayuda gayot dale information y taman monitor imbuenamente cunel comunidad si tiene ba suspechoso grupo o individual na barangay,” Kap Perez informed.

WHEN asked if crime incidents— specially gun-related cases, are rampant in his own turf, Kap Perez said, “Silencio kame ki, c tiene man, ralas beses lang ta susede (We’re very quiet here, if there are, they rarely happen),” he revealed.

KAP Perez’s barangay is probably one if not the city’s cleanest barangay as they have an effective garbage collection scheme by hiring a private contractor to work on their proper garbage disposal.

Neither, can you see stray dogs roaming their streets and litter their garbage in the neighborhood.

WHEN this corner randomly interviewed some folks in its community, they explained how they throw their garbage by the book—meaning aptly done.
KAP Perez also takes pride that his barangay is slowly being transformed into one of the city’s thriving commercial and industrial centers situated in its east section.

BRGY. Putik, right now, according to KAP Perez, has five major gasoline stations; at-least two big car dealerships of global brands; a new large sprawling hospital named Peninsula Hospital, a number of flashy hotels/motels, fast-foods, pharmacy stores and grocery & convenience stores, as well.
AS for safe drinking water, Kap Perez said they get their source  from the ZCWD, and sufficiently supplemented by their two pumping stations situated separately in their strategic areas.

BEFORE I bid adieu, KAP Perez conveyed his heartfelt message of thanks to all his constituents in Putik:

“Quire lang yo extende miles de gracias contodo mio mga constituente porcausa ila grande siempre confiansa ya dale sila kumigo como siempre di-ila Brgy. Captain.”

KAP Perez ran unopposed in the last Nov. 25 special brgy polls in ZC.

STILL inquisitive, I asked one more time: “Cosa man Kap, co’re tu para ABC President?

“Mira yalang kta,” came his same crafty response.

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