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YES, why not a bounty offer?



THE giving of a bounty to any tipster who can help our authorities solve the atrocious activities of armed criminals- particularly those unceasing bloody gun-attacks, believed being authored by suspected hired killers, is but a welcome development that can make breakthroughs in the solution of all these gun-related incidents in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

IF they‘re really serious to curb all these heinous crimes in here, they better adopt such a modus way of going after this supposed syndicated gun-for-hires ring.

DIST. 2 Councilor Rommel “Meng” Agan hits bull’s eye in finding one of the meanest solutions, so as to put to a stop to all these barbaric and senseless gun-related cases in ZC.

WHO’S fitted to be next ZCPO director when Yanga finally leaves temporary post?
THERE are a couple of names of the latest batch of senior police officers being toyed as the city’s next police director.. in OIC capacity again?

AMONG them are Sr. Supt. Angelito Casimiro and S/Supt. Jonathan Perez. Col. Casimiro is currently assigned as PNP provincial director of Cordillera in Luzon while Perez, a true-blooded Zamboangueño, was assigned in the past as the Zamboanga Sibugay as Provincial director.
S/Supt. Casimero is not new in ZC, being a Zamboangueño by affinity—his wife is purely a Zamboanga lass from somewhere in the city’s east-coast.
“BUT, the big question: can these two potential candidates for the top police post in ZC fill in the shoes of Gen. Yanga?” asked one prominent local businessman.

YANGA, according to reliable police sources, won’t stay that long as OIC of ZCPO, the post he’s so much accustomed with—having served, unarguably, the longest and the most number of times, especially, every time when the city’s peace & order condition is at its worst.  
“Aura pencing, cun quien man tu alli na dos? Cun Col. Casimiro o cun Col. Perez?” c Bogs ta pruba cuwi’ cumigo. Ta precura man intriga cumigo ste. Espera bos!

“No comment alli c pencing, Bogs, cay esos dos c Col. Casimiro pate’ c Col Perez igual highly qualified para kda ki next police chief di-aton,” aba c Ador bueno contesta, igual gat kun su idol c former Cong. Erbie Fabian.

“Porke man ya entra lli mi primo Cong. Erbie huh?” el de monte c Nado ke todo yalang suyu dao primo. Espera bos! Ebos pate c Bogs, man bungu-an yo el di-inyo mga cabesa nuay na ora!

THE 2013 NBA season shows the surprising Indiana Pacers having the best record in the league as of this date.
NURSING with only one loss so far, the Pacers led by a Super Star in the making, in the person of Paul George, has the best start in their franchise history since they joined NBA in the (70s?or was it in the 60s?). BUT, the good thing is, they’re on their winning streak without their best player playing this season Danny Granger.

HOW about my favorite team Miami Heat? Can they make it 3-peat this season? I bet they can do it not only for the 3rd time, but all the way throughout, even to break the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls’ 6 NBA titles done in the 90s.

“I have a feeling, the Miami Heat powered by those 3 superstars Lebron James, Dwanne Wade and Chris Bosh, can even eclipse the Boston Celtics’ unprecedented 9 NBA championship victories in the 60s, Jun,” fanatic LBJ fan Enteng delas Peñas strongly hinted.

“I don’t blame Enteng, cay igual man kame dos LBJ diehards,” c Bogs tampa sabe tamen na basketball.

“Todo yalang bos Bogs, Espera gat bos! Asta cun pencing, ta precura ya bos cumpiti,” c Nado de monte, despuese de todo, ta defende gale’ kanaton. Tan papel lang bos, cay bodi gat bos! Hinde’ puede!! Ma debe ya bos, cay primi lang bos cash advance! Espera bos!!

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