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We need great young leaders for our country’s future




THIS is very true-- many of our local businessmen here have even done that ever since the breakdown of our peace & order here has been noted in past years.

I Know of some well-meant bizmen of ours, whom I happened to cross path and rubbed elbows with them, occassionally visiting ZC, in
our downtown section and they came up with such a loathsome revelation that truly abhors and detests us no end up to now.

SO, it’s not new that even ZCPO acting director C/Supt. Mario Biong Yanga wouldn’t deny himself such a dreary scenario in our business sector.

AND, who’re now enjoying over such a disparaging scene in our business community right now huh?
MAYBE your guess is as good as mine, and therefore there’s no need for its elaboration.
“Na pero’ pencing, ta mira pa man kta ki manad pa mga banko, mga fastfood restaurants, mga pawnshops y otro cosa pa de negosyo?” ya ace ya tamen pregunta c Bogs.

“Na manada ki sen ta circula siempre, pate’ manada siempre tragon, na cumida lang siempres el pensamiento,” c Ador ya pega tamen suyu.



ALL these senseless and barbaric shooting incidents will to persist to remain unresolved unless we really address darn well our supposed strict implementation of our own existing firearms ban.

“Dipicil kta ste resolbe mga matansa de tiroteyo c hinde’ kta puede man address cunese proliferation of the firearms aki,” c Bogs deberas tupao tamen gayot.

“Dol hinde’ se sila puede resolbe pencing cay dol cultura ya se diaton aki, dol nupuede sila ace nada cunese,” c Ador ya expresa su sentido.
“El problema lli, c tan campanya sila, hinde’ man consistent, ningas  cogon lang siempre. Na ingles pa, “If the cat is out, the mouse is just playing around,” aba c Nado de monte lang, tampa ingles gayot. Espera gat bos, cay tan ugut, ugut ya gat yo combos!

“Tupao se c Nado, de alla, alla ste, pero’ dol bright pa combos Ador,” c Bogs ta pega ya tamen cun Ador. Baka man purpyahan de lasang ya tamen estos dos..
DUREZA to come by Jan yet.

FORMER Sec. Jess Dureza assured he’d come over to answer (one by one) all queries from the council’s August Body here.
HE specifically stated in his latest column “ADVOCACY MINDANOW” dated Dec. 17, and I quote: “A lady councilor in Zamboanga City got so peeved at published articles that carried my appeal for “social cohesion” otherwise the armed incident might recur following the armed siege that she asked the council that I be declared “persona non grata”and barred from visiting Zamboanga City again. The proposed resolution was discussed in last week’s council session. Wow, I was almost floored there. But on second thoughts, my guess is that she had not read my series and she was shooting from the hip. But that’s understandable. She’s a neophyte and on her first term..”

THE erstwhile press secretary and Office for the Presidential Peace Process went on to say that he’d come here by January after the yuletide period.
THAT’s great!  The secretary is one public servant leader who won’t run away that easy from a good fight.

Mira gane’ kta.. as the former secretary, a native of Davao City, accordingly, cherishes our city that well too.

WHY? Well, Sec. Dureza, if you aren’t that familiar, has a lot of media friends out here in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

In-fact, he supposedly yielded to the fact he was only second best to our very own no. 1 bar topnocher Atty. Vicente “Vic
Solis during the bar exam sometime in mid 70s.

“In-fact, while my alma mater peer Vic( Pichon del patre gayot kame cay de Ateneo de Zamboanga man kame) was no. 1,  Atty. Jesus “Jess” Dureza was no. 10 in that bar exam,” one classmate of ours  nuttered.

BUT,Atty. Jess’ name became a byword-- winning most elections in his native place of Davao, and serving in the cabinet of past presidents during his prime days in politics.
NOW, the former press secretary, to me, looks like more as a freelance journalist—truly a two-fisted columnist now

Take note of his sure coming back here-- no longer as a distinguished national figure, but someone badly hurt, as well, as he’s poised to be declared persona non grata by the council here. He gladly welcomes SP’s invitation to explain why he came up with such ‘harsh and sweeping’ statements in his published column, about ZC being vulnerable to a 2nd armed attack from a hostile armed group, lest Zamboangueños be cognizant of its own known  seething and deep-rooted multi & macro-faceted misfortunes  gripping ZC right now.

NOCHE’s big boy son groomed as future community leader.
MY good friend’s son Daryl is being touted as future great leader not only in Brgy. Sta. Maria but in the entire ZC in the very near future.

Only at age 22, Daryl Bangayan Noche, the young son of LTO district officer Noel Noche is starting fast as one so young yet rife in public service activities, in so far as working for the community welfare is concerned.

THIS  one big boy with a hefty body and a height that tall( he stands 6’2’ ft. tall ) that can even play center in hoop tournaments,  can be first worthy as a kagawad in his own place of Brgy. Sta. Maria.

I can see in him, right now, oozing with high enthusiam and with such a high octane aggressiveness that we dismally observe rare to find in our present crop of local officials these days.

Good Luck to you Big Boy Daryl, rest assured, pencing is all out for you come 2016 brgy polls.
We need your caliber, no doubt, to be amongst the few great future leaders for this nation someday.

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