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Kap Jimmy V. wants changes in ABC polls




NEW BRGY. Capt. of Sta. Catalina Jimmy Villaflorez was dismayed to find out he wasn’t allowed to vote in yesterday’s (Dec. 18) ABC polls held in one of the flashy hotels on Gov. Camins Ave.

JIMMY V., who hails from the local media before he bid and won in the special brgy. elections in mi miserable ciudad de Zamboanga that was hit by two colossal crisis that kicked off last Sept.9 by the bloody siege perpetrated by the MNLF-Misuari breakaway armed group, was agog why he wasn’t given the chance to cast his vote simply because he came in late.

Somebody overheard the new Punong Brgy. of Sta. Catalina that he yearns for changes in the future ABC polls that is being held every 3 years right after the nationwide Brgy. elections.

“Bueno se para more democratic kda se election de ABC,” C Bogs ya tamen tampa sebe..

ASIDE from Kap Jimmy V., two other brgy. chairmen failed to vote, as well, in last Wednesday’s ABC polls. They were the Punong Barangay of Patalon and of Tolosa.
IN whole, only 95 brgy. chairmen managed to cast their ballots whether to retain Councilor Ka Aman in the position as the prexy anew or elect a new president in the person of Putik Brgy. Chairman Totong Perez.

WHEN I left the hotel sans covering the event, the casting of the votes by the 95 brgy. chairs (as three failed to exercise their rights of suffrage so as to choose their new set of ABC officers, most importantly that of the president, the counting of the votes, accordingly, had just started with none of the two contestants clearly making a headway towards sure victory.

BUT, for sure, beyond my deadline for the column pencing at 3pm, the final outcome as who’d come out victorious between the two protagonists, would certainly transpire.

AND, we do hope that if any of the two would come out victorious, he shouldn’t exalt himself but humble himself, so you’d be honored in the end.
AND, for the vanquished, he should be man enough to accept defeat graciously, for there’s always the next time waiting for you. Who knows it’ll be you the next time around huh?


I was lucky enough being introduced by Haj. Adnan Abdurahim, the no. 2 brgy. kagawad of Taluksangay during the crucial ABC elections held at the GOH yesterday  (Monday--Dec. 18), to some newly-elected brgy. officials in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

AND, they’re newly-elected Brgy. Capt. of Sangali Daud Bakil; new Kagawad of Guiwan Hashim. These duo were present during yesterday’s Liga ng mga Brgy. polls that was kept secret, and held closed doors. IN other words, no media was allowed inside, as it was closely guarded by AFP/PNP sentinels.

I also met the Brgy. Capt. of Patalon, a certain Kap Rojas who also failed to cast his ballot in the said electoral exercise, for the simple reason he arrived late for the affair.

OK guys, see you next time for sure with more vigor and more treats to our readers when pencing returns. Take care!

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