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Muslims do not eat pork; pork + barrel, haram! haram!; Zamboangueños learned their lessons out of the 9/9 siege by the MNLF?


“Allah has forbidden what dies of itself; and blood and the flesh of swine, and that over which any other (name) than (that of) that Allah has been invoked, then, whoever is driven by necessity, not desiring nor exceeding the limit, no sin is upon him. Surely Allah is forgiving, merciful.”
- Holy Qur’an 2:173

“There are only two religions on the face of the earth that believe in redemption by means of the sacrifice of a godly being. These are Christianity and Islam, of course, I mean Islam inculcated by the Holy Prophet and his spiritual successors.”
- Al-Haj Maulvi Mirza Cehulam Abbas Ali Sahib, THE LIFE OF HUSAIN (the Saviour), 3rd Ed. (1957)

The Muslims abstain from pork is one of the steps taken by Islam to practice hygiene and to attain “purity of nature”
- Haj. Ibraham T.Y. Ma, WHAT IS ISLAM? (1971), published by Muslim Welfare Organization, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As expressed by the above quotations, Islam did not desire anything in the prohibition of pork for Muslims, except, to practice hygiene and purity. Purity both of the spirit and the flesh of human beings. For if the body is experiencing unhygienic condition, the body gets sick, and of the spirit, Muslims cannot perform their religious obligations if their body is unclean. And swine, is the  “dirtiest” of all the animals, science has even affirmed its danger to human health and condition.

The author of “What is Islam?” narrated the “nature of pig” which I quote a few lines from his book:

a. The pig is naturally lazy and indulges in sex. It dislikes sun-light and lacks the spirit and will to  “fight”

b. The older it grows, the lazier it gets, it eats anything, be it faeces or anything dirty.

c. It prefers dirty places to clean ones.

d. It eats and sleeps only and hates moving around, it is the most avaricious of all domestic animals.

e. Amongst all animals, the pig is the greatest cradle of harmful germs; pork also serves as a carrier of diseases to mankind. It is for this reason that it is not suitable for consumption.

I am sorry to pork-eaters if I have become the whistle-blower of the harm that pig brings to humans.
Those who love to eat pork, go ahead, but at your own risk, and I warned you of its dangers to human health.

By its name alone, the pork barrel is already “haram” to the Muslims, the scandal it generated involving people in government is the most shameful part of our history since the Philippines gained its independence from the colonizers.

In whatever names, motives, purposes, the pork-barrel to the Muslims, by its name alone is already “haram” haram! I hope that our Muslim legislators should stop justifying the use of the pork-barrel. You can still make use of your funds for legitimate purposes. But the name pork-barrel should be deleted in the language of Congress, and members of Congress should stop meddling in the disbursements of government money, your duty is over-sight, to see if the tax-payers money will not be squandered by anyone in government. This is the solemn duty of legislators.

If you want to come out “clean”, listen to the people’s voice – abolish the pork-barrel, no more “ifs” or “buts”, just have that scandalous practice out from Congress and the executive department.

As prophesied a month ago, President Aquino is in danger of “being overthrown” by a “people power” outburst, if he still insists on retaining the pork-barrel, this is one of the signs of an imminent danger to his administration.

The Zamboangueños learned their lessons last September 9, 2013 when the MNLF attacked with impunity, this ASIA’S LATIN CITY for not believing in signs of danger. Because of this arrogance, we (Zamboangueños) were punished for our misdeeds and still suffering

The Consejo de Investigacion Y Desarollo de Lenguaje Chabacano (CIDLC) translated literally to English as the CHABACANO LANGUAGE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF ZAMBOANGA CITY.

The officers elected last August 12, 2013 are as follows:

President:        Prof. Roberto B. Torres, Ed.D
Vice-President:        Prof. Julie Uy Cabato, MA Comm.
Secretary:        Engr. Aldrin Bucoy-Abdurahim, CoE.
Treasurer:        Prof. Nancy A. Lim, Ph.D.
Auditor:        Dr. Victoria D. Mangaser, Ph.D.
PIO:            Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj.
Ms. Ma. Socorro F. Cipriano
Board of Directors:
Supt. Pedro Melchor M. Natividad, CEE
Mr. Roberto A. Villares, Jr, RMT, Events Coordinator
Prof. Elsa A. Saaverdra, CE
Prof. Ma. Josefina S. Mendoza
Rev. Fr. Elmer Sumile
Mr. Joel Bustamante – Free Lance Artist
Mrs. Zenaida A. Torres – President, ACPAZ

“Christians and Muslims both believe that God is more merciful than wrathful. He does not desire to throw His weak creatures into the penitentiary of hell”

-Al-Haj Maulvi Mirza Cehulam Abbas Ali Sahib, THE LIFE OF HUSAIN (the Saviour), 3rd Ed.   (1957)

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