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Filipinos: God’s “bird of prey”


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do’…” (Isaiah 46:11, the Holy Bible).

BAN VS. RELATIVES UNDER REVOLUTIONARY GOV’T: Lawyer-educator Emmanuel Noli Tiu Santos wants political dynasties banned in the Philippines, under a revolutionary government he is proposing, first to replace the existing system of government and, second, to jumpstart the cleansing of the government of corruption.

Santos, a delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention and founder-president of the International Academy of Management and Economics, says relatives of any elected or appointed official up to the fourth degree of consanguinity (meaning, up to nephews and nieces or up to great grandfathers or great grandmothers) are disqualified perpetually from being elected or appointed to any government office under the new system.
This proposal is part of Santos’ “revolutionary presidential issuances” (RPDs) under a “Strategic Plan for Revolutionary Government”, which is actually his blueprint for establishing a revolutionary government.

SPECIAL REASON WHY FILIPINOS SHOULD READ AND OBEY THE BIBLE: There is a special reason why Filipinos should know and follow the Biblical admonitions for believers to listen to, and obey, the commands of God, especially that which is written in Joshua 1:8 in this manner: “Do not forget to read the Book of the Law, meditate on it day and night, carefully obeying everything that is written in it, so that you would become successful and prosperous.”

This special reason concerns the role that has been given to Filipinos, who have accepted and believed in Jesus Christ as God and Savior, in fulfilling the work of preaching the Word and saving souls during the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the coming destruction of the world.
According to Matthew 24, there is an appointed time (although undisclosed as of now) for the Second Coming of Jesus, and the end of the world by fire. This Second Coming and the end of the world will be preceded and heralded by certain well-defined events, like wars, hunger and famine, earthquakes, calamities, fearful signs in the sky, and betrayals among family members.

FILIPINOS: GOD’S “BIRD OF PREY”: But, before the end will come, there is one important event that must happen, and this is described in Matthew 24:14 as the proclamation of the Gospel, or the Word of God, to serve as a testimony to all the nations. When this proclamation shall have been accomplished in the whole world, it is only then that the end will come.

The question therefore is: how is this proclamation to be made? The answer seems to be that this is going to be done trough various means, particularly the media, but, I am convinced that this proclamation will also be made—in fact, is being made now—by the millions of Filipinos who are now dispersed throughout the world as immigrants, whether as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) or not.

Because Filipinos who are from the “far-off land in the east” are basically Christians who believe in Jesus as God and Savior, they will be instrumental in the proclamation of Jesus as God and Savior wherever they maybe, assuming the role of a “bird of prey” who will fulfill God’s purpose, as Isaiah 46:11 prophesied. This is the reason why Filipinos should read and obey the Bible now!!!

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