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“Strategic Plan for Revolutionary Government”


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… But select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain—and appoint them as officials…” (Exodus 18:21, the Holy Bible).

INSPIRASYON SA BUHAY: “... Ngunit piliin mo ang mga may kakayahan—mga taong may takot sa Diyos, mga mapapagkatiwalaan at galit sa masamang kita—at sila ang italaga mo bilang mga tagapamahala…” (Exodus 18:21, Bibliya).

CLEANSING THE GOV’T OF CORRUPTION: For whatever it maybe worth, I would like to share with our readers here this interesting piece which appeared recently in Facebook and which is being attributed to lawyer-educator Emmanuel Noli Tiu Santos, about the right of the Filipino people to carry out a revolution to effect a cleansing of the government of corruption.

Read on: “It is now widely perceived that all the three branches of government—the legislative (Senate and House of Representatives), the Executive, and the Judiciary—have been immersed in corruption and completely lost the trust and confidence of the people. They cannot, therefore, be expected to totally cleanse our government of corruption.

“The people under Article 2, Section 1 (of the 1987 Constitution, which says `Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them’) have now have to invoke their inherent right to revolution, and do the cleansing themselves like avenging angels swooping down on evil people.”

“STRATEGIC PLAN FOR REVOLUTIONARY GOV’T”: On December 13, 2013, Santos released, also in Facebook, an updated version of what he called as his “Strategic Plan for Revolutionary Government”, which contained a series of proposed presidential issuances to install a revolutionary government in the Philippines which will carry out the cleansing process against corruption.

Here are Santos’ “presidential issuances”: “1. Proclamation No.001-82113, Series of 2013,  Proclaiming a Revolutionary Government, Revoking the 1987 Constitution, and Promulgating the Transition Freedom Constitution for the Provisional Government.

“2. Revolutionary Presidential Decree (RPD) 001-82113, Series of 2013,
Abolition of Congress and Pork Barrel in any Guise or Form; 3. RPD No. 002-82113, Series of 2013, Arrest of all those involved in the pork barrel scam and other forms of corruption and confiscation of plundered or unexplained wealth of elective and appointive officials, staff or employees, and private individuals…”

NEW RULES TO PROSECUTE GRAFTERS: Explaining what constitutes “unexplained wealth”, Santos gave this formula: “Net worth of plundered or unexplained wealth minus net worth declared in the income tax return the year before assumption of public office equals net plundered or unexplained wealth.”

Santos’ other proposed issuances for a revolutionary government: “4. RPD No. 003-82113, Series of 2013, Adopt Substantial Evidence as sufficient quantum of proof of evidence to convict any person, whether government official or employee, and private individual.
This new rule on evidence is intended for violation of the Anti-Graft Law, Unexplained Wealth Law, Anti-Plunder of Wealth Law, Code of Ethics for Public Officials, and other related laws, while at the same time repealing the Rule on Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt provided in the Rules of Court, Santos explained. More of this next time.

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