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“No politics involved, I’m just doing my job” – Alavar


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WITH all fairness, Pencing interviewed yesterday (March 25) Dist. 2 Councilor Miguel “Mike” C. Alavar III on the yet contentious issue “White Spot” syndrome that has caused the loss of many’ livelihood in Brgy. Vitali-- some 60 or more kilometers east of the city.

ACCORDING to the young and debonair city legislator from district 2, about 1,200 families have been badly affected in their livelihood as they merely rely their only means of livelihood on the fishpond industry that thrives richly in the Vitali district.

BRGY. VITALI is hailed as the sea food capital of the whole Zamboanga Peninsula, and even in the entire Mindanao, if we may fittingly advertise her.
“THIS is the reason why Jun, I’m bent to find out its root cause so that we can fruitfully revive the only means of livelihood of our folks badly affected by this malady,” Alavar pointed out.

MINING, he said, has nothing to do with its syndrome “as of now,”—which means they’re yet not completely discounting its possibility.
NOW, what about the reported skin diseases inflicting the folks out there? “It’s more on their hygiene( problem) and the supposed “contaminated” water in their locality,” according to Alavar.

COUNCILOR Alavar said there’s a need for the fishpond owners/operators in that area to go on a so-called break cycle for about 3 to 5 months, so as to dry up clean all the affected fishponds in the said place.

IT was also discovered that fishponds are being catered to using those harmful pesticides, particularly its brand “thiodan”to speed up and multiply fast its produce more than the average harvest season in a year.

Councilor Alavar informed that no less than Lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar is poised to have the fishpond area fully rehabilitated the soonest possible time, if only to hasten  the livelihood program in the fishpond industry of all the affected farmers in the area.

Alavar said the lady mayor has directed the city agriculturist’s office to fast-track its rehab plan intended for the ‘dying’ industry of the fishpond owners/operators in the Vitali district.

“Yes, our Mayor     Beng(Climaco-Salazar) is very much concerned about the problem in Vitali, and she wants our city agriculturist’s office to already hasten its rehab plan aimed to revive the badly affected fishpond industry in Vitali,” the 2-term city alderman disclosed.

Moreover, Councilor Alavar revealed that experts on such a woefulness that has crept the fishpond acres of land in the Vitali district since 2006 yet, are being tapped to once and for all resolve such ills that wrought and devastated the once seafood capital of the whole region.

“Yes, I’m very optimistic that we can still revive our fishpond industry in Vitali, as this is the seafood capital in this part of the country,” the low-key but workaholic city councilor enthused.

ON the supposed politically-motivated rumor as the root cause for its stir, Councilor Alavart refuted such talks, and said that he’s just doing his job, as mandated by his constituents. In-fact, it was Mayor     Beng Climaco-Salazar who gave him the tough task to look into such an alarming/disturbing “white spot” syndrome virus report.

“And, as chairman of the committee on Agriculture, I am tasked by the mayor herself to conduct this probe,” Alavar ascertained.

Great Job, Mike! Just do your darn well job, and you won’t go wrong.  Good luck!@

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