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Give peace a chance!


THE WORD: “You have heard the law that says ‘love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But, I say love your enemy. Pray for those who persecute you.”( Mathew: 5: 43-45).
Words of enlightenment).

TO man, loving your enemy  seems strange to follow. But, this is the Will of the Father Almighty. In the Lord’s two greatest commandments, He emphasized also for us to not only love our neighbor/s, but love our enemy, as well.

The 2 greatest commandments taught to us by Jesus are: “Love GOD with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength, with all your soul. The 2nd is, love your neighbor as you love yourself. And, Jesus went further: “Love your enemy..” That means don’t hate your enemy. Instead, pray that they’ll be enlightened and be blessed, too.(email: jayfeliciano2@yahoo. com. Cp # 09292189937.

THE GPH and the MILF peace panels finally signed their forged peace accord, and in frenzy all those in its favor welcomed its historic signing.

EVEN in ZC, there was a significant number of those “brothers” of ours who went out of their way to also celebrate its supposed breakthrough for genuine peace to ultimately reign in Mindanao.

AND, this group staged its prayer rally in Brgy. Recodo in total support of the signing.

ALTHOUGH, ZC is  said as so much content being excluded from the MILF’s envisioned Bangsa Moro core territory, yet we cannot deny the fact, that we can’t live without them( the Bangsa moros) – geographically or even perhaps ethnically, as ZC is the mother center of all the central activities here in this part of the whole country, notwithstanding, it was deprived of its being the perennial seat of the region’s governance in the past.

AND, speaking of Western Mindanao, ZC can’t claim it is wholly & holistically hers. There are major and other essential factors that we can’t stand without our neighbors to partner with.

ONE typical instance is Basilan. The autonomous island province of Basilan is the closest neighboring province for mi ciudad de Zamboanga. AND, it’s here in this Basilan Island where we can’t just overlook at all its awesome beauty -- even its enticing mountain ranges not too faraway keep on beckoning us all the time, not to forget her and her people. And, the Basileños & the Zamboangueños have been, time immemorial, deeply assimilating each other in so many ways. AND, it’s in this tradition, in this culture and in this co-existing brotherhood that transcend all our other various differences. No matter what they, ZC is a place where the atmosphere of love & friendship reigns over all the other existing and/or imaginative foes that, in most cases, are the hindering factors to its meteoric rise that’d have been fulfilled long time ago, if not for the few who are more of a jinx than a godsend for us in mi cudad de Zamboanga.
Ay, naku!

AND, so let’s give peace a chance to reign in the entire Land of Promise—Mindanao!@

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