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ZC backpedalling the more?


“MAN has only three scores plus 10 to live in this material world.”
Words of enlightenment):

IT’s very true that man, like you & me, has only up to 70 years to age, and to try living abundantly and blissfully in this world. One score is equivalent to 20 years (X) 3 equals to 60 years, + 10 added years, that means, man has merely up to just 70 yrs. to lie in this temporal world. Then, perhaps, die-- if no more bonus years added to live a bit longer.
THE body dies, but the soul lives forever, as it faces final judgment from his Creator. Email: 09292189937.

APPARENTLY, the city’s coffer is draining, as it’s said to be financially in the red.
ONE top city official agrees with this corner that the city is in a precarious state, as far as its development program is concerned.
PERHAPS, it could be faulted to the two recent colossal crisis that ripped apart ZC-- virtually in all aspects.
“I pity our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar. It’ll, perhaps, take years for ZC to recover from this catastrophe,” one biz-man expressed his regret.
“Mayor Beng should better do something extraordinary to hasten its so-called “Build Back Better Zbga!” Or else, this malady will overtake her first (3 yr.) term in office. Definitely, this crisis will affect her-- politically,” another folk remarked.
As far as fiscal management is concerned, her predecessor now Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat has the upper hand,” another stakeholder here commented.

WELL, those were their ‘honest-to-goodness’ comments, according to this group.
NOW, what about Mayor Beng’s backers, huh?
“We want her to hang on there, and never relinquish her post at City Hall. She’s a winner, and nobody but nobody, in this present generation, can beat Ma’am Beng,” her diehards retorted.

“Mira yalang caha’ kta,” one cynic answered briefly.

THE yearning of certain top officials for the city to create new offices, like the office of the Architect, the office of the city safety and the council’s penchant to ask for more supplemental budgets plus their constant travels, could indeed take its toll on City Budget Officer Virgie Gara whose blood pressure might just shoot up at any point in time, either she be in her office or just biding her time, perhaps, her on way to help reduce some weights.

“Deberas maka cunsumir se clase, cay el ciudad ste tiempo, pa detras ya gayot. Nuay mas se slogan d Cong. Celso, Adelante Zamboanga! Sino, pa atras ya Zbga!” c Bogs ya pega ya tamen su pilantik pa cha’gis.

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