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Elago’s latest expose vs. Zamcelco is more glaring


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THIS is getting more intense. The word-war between Dist. 2 Councilor Kim Elago II and Zamcelco board Pres. Omar Sahi is getting more interesting with “fire” from both sides.

AND, Atty. Kim Elago, the lawyer-councilor who made a dramatic comeback in politics during the May 2013 local polls here, along with re-electionist Councilor Rommel Agan, also a lawyer-legislator from same district 1—the only two winners from the local opposition, stumbled on another more “eye-boggling” oversight( if I may call it) on the part of Zamcelco.

THE veteran city lawmaker exposed what he described as a more glaring blooper when it was reliably gathered that the gen-sets( consisting of 8 gen-sets in all) even cost much cheaper when their computations were done by someone in possession of its vital documents.

ELAGO said this somebody in possession of the very documents that Zamcelco is also having in its custody, came to him on Monday night(March 31) and showed him that the gen-set each with a 2.1 to 2.5 megawatts is priced only at P25 million.

“NOW, if we compute them( the 8 gen-sets), it’ll only amount to  P200 million. Let’s say, we’ll include the supposed additional expenses of about P5 million each or its total cost of P30 million each, its overall expenses will only be P240 million.

Bien lehos gayot cunel P640 million plus that the highest bidder that they made it as the winning bidder, pricing it at something like P642 million,” Elago rued.

ELAGO said the council is contemplating to invite the Zamcelco top brass to its August Body in their succeeding session/s.

“We’ll invite them in the council, including the two bidding firms, both the supposed losing and the winning bidders. We’ll give them all the chances to enlighten and shed light on their respective sides to us in the council,” Elago hinted.

HE expressed his dismay that Zamcelco should have consulted the public first including the local city officials before  becoming signatories to any contract that involves the welfare of their own electric-consumers, numbering to more than a hundred in its membership.

“THEY should have first consulted us—the public, so that there’d have been no hollers against them,” Elago pointed out.

ZAMCELCO, it was learned earlier, opted to side with the highest bidder because, it claims, it offers a much better quality product/s that’ll guarantee a better power supply for ZC come the worsening power crisis by mid or late this year.

“If we can secure this additional power load for our city, there’ll be no more blackouts to speak of, come the period of the impending worst power crisis by mid this year,” a top Zamcelco engineering staff disclosed, on condition that his name not be mentioned at all. 

LET’s keep track on this issue, cos the present power crisis is scourging us to death, right now.
Ay santisima!

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