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SAHI shrugs off Kim’s latest expose


“But, all who reject me and my message will be judged on the day of judgment by the truth I have spoken.(John: 12: 48)

Words of enlightenment):
THIS message of our Lord Jesus Christ is parallel to how he warned the people of his generation and for all the generations to come: “THE Word I have spoken will be the same Word to judge you in the last days.” Email: / cp # 09292189937.

ZAMCELCO board Pres. Omar Sahi appeared just unperturbed by the supposed new findings of Dist. 2 Councilor Kim Elago II, as the latter apparently could have been misinformed by his source that fed him his own claimed “latest expose” vs. our power coop here.

THIS is yet in correlation to the allegation that the 16 mw gen-sets have been “overpriced” by its highest bidder, winning over the lowest bidder due to the former’s supposed better offer for a more convenient and better power service supply to its member-consumers when the worsening power crisis wreaks havoc anew in the whole of Mindanao this year.

THE educator- turned prexy of our electric coop here keenly explained in answer to the lawyer-city legislator’s fresh allegation that just drew amusing comments from his own staff and even  sympathized with Elago’s apparent lack of complete knowledge of the 8 gen-sets with a 2.5 mw each that cost even cheaper at only P22 million compared to Elago’s own computation of P25 million each gen-set that can ably generate the additional load requirement for ZC when the aggravating power crisis hits us come its critical period this year.

“ He(Councilor Kim Elago) is only talking about the price of each gen-set that, according to him, amounts to only P25 million. In-fact, in our computation, it’s only in the amount of P22 million,” Sahi corrected.

SAHI said there are 3 phases that Zamcelco has to go through. And, these are 1.) Gen-sets; 2.) Working Capital and 3.) Accessories that’ll include a.) Interconnections; b.) distribution, and c.) synchronization.

ONE of which, according to Sahi, is the setting up or the construction of its substations.

SAHI said this is actually a package deal afforded to Zamcelco with NEA as its financial guarantor.

BEAR in mind, Zamcelco, according to Sahi, will not pass on at all to its member-consumers during the two-year period it’ll enter into a contract with its alternative source for an additional power supply here in mi ciudad de Zamboanga that’s presently reeling badly from its power curtailments, lasting up to as high as 9 hours a day, when its load capacity goes down from its main source as provided and allocated by the privately-owned National Grid Corp of the Philippines(NGCP).

Sahi said what Zamcelco will pay only to its creditor(NEA) is the minimal interest of less than 6% within the two-year contracted period.

“We cannot go higher than that because there are strict guidelines to follow from the Department of Energy(DOE),” Sahi expounded.

IF Zamcelco opts to do away with it after the 2-year contract expires, Zamcelco can return them without paying any additional obligations at all, according to Sahi.

He said the Zamcelco officials have been exercising with all prudence and with all transparency when they acted within their power as allowed by its Constitution & By-laws to resort to an alternative measure/s in finding an additional power source to well address and cushion off the great impact of the worsening power crisis that has been hounding Mindanao for years due to the phenomenal climate change and its global warming.

“We have to find within our power, an alternative energy source, otherwise, we’ll continue to suffer the brunt of its worsening effect,” Sahi contended.

SO, there you are, Prexy Sahi’s straightforward rejoinder to our good Councilor Kim Elago’s grave concern about Zamcelco’s plight supposedly rocked anew by an alleged fresh anomaly.

IF and when the council happens to invite Zamcelco’s top brass to its August Body, that’s where both sides can very well discuss the issue with all cordiality and civility.

“NO ace huya’ cunel aton visita na conseho,” I remember how its presiding officer VM Cesar Iturralde scorned  the members of the August Body, occasionally, when he sensed its honorable members appeared going out of bounce already.
ESE pa!

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