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(Dist. 1) Indigents:“Where can we find Cong. Celso?”


“Their worship is farce, for they teach man-made ideas, instead the commandments of GOD. For you ignore GOD’s laws and substitute your own tradition.”( Mark: 7: 7-8).

(Words of enlightenment).

OBEYING the man-made laws or man-made doctrine/s and setting aside God’s perfect W    ill or God’s teachings, is an abomination to the Lord, our Father in Heaven.

For God, is a jealous GOD, these man-made teachings are adulterous in the sight of GOD. Email: / cp # 09292189397.

I WAS terribly touched when some indigents moaned that whenever they tried to see Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat for a medical help, they were told by the congressman’s house guard/s on Nuñez St. that the congressman is always out, and that he has no congressional office in there, at all.
THEY said they are usually being referred to the Garden Orchid Hotel where the good district 1 solon is said billeting himself when arriving here in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

ARE these guards telling the truth to these less fortunate people of ours in mi ciudad de Zamboanga?

ONE time, I called up the lobregat ancestral home, and its helper told this corner that the congressman was in and that I better waited for some moments.

Unfortunately, Cong. Lobregat was said in a hurry and I just failed to catch him up for my interview with him.

IN other words, Cong. Celso can be found right there in their Nuñez residence.

I have my doubts if Cong’s guards are indeed telling the truth about the real whereabouts of our former City Mayor and now our House Rep. from district 1.

NEXT time, if these people happen to cross my path, I’ll tell them to do their very best to see Cong. Celso and the latter won’t refuse at all to extend his kind help and support, for they’re the ones who elected not only Cong. Lobregat but all the rest of our honorable elective city officials.

Aura talli sila na position, escaparul sila? Aba, hinde’ se puede!:”  c Bogs ya kritika ya tamen.
NOW, If I happen to personally see Cong. Lobregat, perhaps, for a rare interview, I’ll ask him if true, indeed, he holds office at the GOH. Cong. Are you ready to face Pencing and clear the cobwebs of those not knowing your true  whereabouts?
I KNOW very well, as a public servant-leader, you want to meet your own people who remain loyal to you-- the reason why you’re yet unbeatable up to now in politics.

PENCING is always fair & square in his views and opinions, now more of a columnist in this outfit of Mr. Danny L.

I SAW Cong. Lobregat argue his views on the “Bangsa Moro” issue on ANC the other night, and many were awed by the way he tried to elucidate the issue.

BUT, throngs of those also in mi ciudad de Zamboanga are egging on our constituents here to give peace a chance, as well.

THIS is part of our democratic ways of living in this long republic of ours. And, that’s where beauty lies in a democratic society like ours. **&&*
CONGRATS! To Ms. Inna Francheska Cortez Kindica 19 yr. old daughter of Janet Cortez now based in the USA.
Inna graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of San Carlos in Cebu just recently. She finished her course in Pharmacy on top of her class 2014.

Her uncle Bebot Cortez must be very proud of her. Inna’s mother Janet is the younger sister of Bebot who’s presently taking charge of the city barangay affair’s office under Mario Roca.

Inna finished her grade school at Pilar College, and was its Salutatorian.

She finished High School at the Ateneo De Zamboanga University (ADZU) with honors—being their class 1st Honorable Mention.

Again, Congratulations to Inna, from your parents, uncle Bebot and your relatives and friends back here in ZC. Of-course from Pencing, too.

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