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3-yr. old evacuee contracted with gonorrhea is shocking!


“May your Kingdom come, your Will be done on Earth as it’s in Heaven.”( Mathew: 6: 10)
(Words of enlightenment).

GOD wants that His Will be done on Earth as it’s being done in Heaven. In-fact, in the Book of Revelation, God’s Law of Love will reign for all eternity here on the earth. That’s God’s original plan for Mankind here in this physical world. Email: / cp # 09292189937

ACCORDING to reports, the dire need to transfer all these overstaying evacuees at the sports complex on RT Lim Blvd, this city, is a Must, and therefore, the city should better act fast, otherwise, the death toll of over 100 already, will even increase the more.
WHAT’s so alarming is the shocking discovery by our health experts, that even minors are found contracted with Gonorrhea- a form of sexual disease common amongst the prostitutes.

AMONG them: a 3-year old female child and a 12 yr. old boy staying in their highly insanitary evacuation camp inside the totally spoiled sports complex.
Ay keber se! Mamamiya!

THE good news is, if true, the massive transfer of all these remaining evacuees inside the sports complex will, accordingly, take place(finally!) on Monday(April 7), or pretty delayed, but of-course it’ll surely take effect by next week, according to a CH source.

Ohala era!

MY good mate in class 60’s at the defunct ZAEC, now Universidad de Zamboanga(UZ) is running for a board of director of Zamcelco, representing Dist. 8 in the west coast, come Zamcelco’s next electoral exercise on May 11, this year.

I’M referring to none other than Atty. Cesar “Sang” Macaso Jimenez, the city’s inimitable lawmaker in the late 90’s till his last term in the late 2000.
ATTY. Jimenez is one public-servant leader we can rely on-- legally speaking.
He’ll be one great asset for Zamcelco’s policymaking body.
So, mate Good Luck!

THE council will bring its some members-- specifically its committees on Environment chaired by Dist. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano and on Agriculture chaired by Dist. 2 Councilor Mike Alavar IV, together with the heads of the different line agencies of gov’t having to do with mining operations in the region, to the faraway east-coast village/s for its on-the-spot inspection of the ATRO mining’s supposed exploration activities.
Its laborious trip up to the mountainous ranges of the Vitali district is to primarily find for themselves if indeed ATRO mining is not within the so-called protected watershed area of ZC.

THE media is invited to also go with us for the trip scheduled on April 12,”  echoed Councilor Mariano after their committee hearing attended by many stakeholders, including the gov’t agencies concerned, was adjourned early this week.

Mira gane’ kta c puede pa kta subi gulut’,” c Bogs dol ta insulta man ste cun Pencing.
“Fuerte pa el tuhut deste Bogs, “ c Ador ya entra mete na cuento, dol invitao gayot le.

“Yo, siguru, Pencing, man una yayo, cay espera lang y alla cun mi pahagat,” otro ste c Nado, hinde’ siempre ta atrasa, cay de alla, alla gat ste.
Ay amboot!

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