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WHY Zamcelco opts for CAMEC over LIN Man


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THIS ensuing and enriching issue about the supposed controversial planned acquisition of Zamcelco’s 16mw gen-sets is now getting a much clearer picture- with all its major ‘contentious’ items pointing to a big plus factor on the side of Zamcelco.

I was privileged to secure its voluminous copies compiled in its thick documents: Zamcelco’s executive report & recommendation of its Bids & Awards Committee(ZBAC) on the acquisition of the 16mw modular generator sets contained in its (8) pages signed by all its ZBAC members: Engr. Edgardo F. Ancheta,(CE)- Staff Assistant/BAC Chairman; Cesar T. Melad, PEE- Head-Technical service office; Ms. Delia B. Go-Manager-MIS/DP; Santiago G. Acuña, PEE and Mr. Reynaldo O. Obillo- ISD Manager; TWG Tabular Form Evaluation for the Acquisition of 8 units of 2mw modular  generator and for the Supply , Construction & Installation of Inter-Connection Facilities (contained in 14 pages), and in all these pages, there contained the gen-sets’ descriptions of the two qualified bidders—Lin Man Power, Technology( lowest bidder at P540 million) and CAMEC JCB CO.(Highest bidder at P624 million).

IN there, included, as well, by my highly credible source, are its terms of reference for the engagement of services on acquisition of modular gen-sets project, and the genuine features of Perkins diesel generator supposedly stemmed from United Kingdom.

BETWEEN the two qualified bidders, CAMEC JCB CORPORATION offers the best option/s with a warranty of 36 months, compared Lin Man with none being specified(as cited in the ZBAC report).

BASED on their respective timetables for the completion of their projects, Lin Man Power Corp. pledges to complete their project within 125 days while CAMEC only within 105 days.

IN the TWG’s comprehensive report, CAMEC JCB CORP. has managed to comply with all requirements as needed in the bidding process-- 64 out of its total 68. While, Lin Man Power Corp with only 17 found having complied with or certified by the ZBAC and its TWG as acceptable.

ON the part of Lin Man Power Technology, it offers no other additional support/s or amenities—hence, it’s highly understandable for Zamcelco to go for the best offer, and that’s CAMEC JCB Co.

IF and when the top brass of Zamcelco will be ‘summoned’ by the council to shed light on this yet raging issue, then it’ll be much easier for both sides to come to their mutual understanding that indeed Zamcelco has acted-- not only in good faith but with profound knowledge and understanding of what to do with its acquisition project of these 16mw gen-sets that’ll enable the city to weather 
off the supposed imminent acute power shortage come midyear or late 2014.

NOW, it’s close to a crystal clear in so far as this one compelling issue is concerned.
“No insulta cunel diaton bisita aki na conseho por pabor,” to reiterate how VM Cesar Iturralde, its presiding officer, cautioned our honourable members in the August Body, at some occasions, when they seemed to have screwed up themselves at the height of  their heated discussions.
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