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Political winter



About  a decade ago, when we were forcefully pushing for the creation of new government units such a province and seven municipalities within the gargantuan territorial jurisdiction of Zamboanga City which can accommodate two Metro Manilas or two states the size of Singapore, we were unkindly called names such as “ creators of chaos,”  “dark forces,”  “wise monkeys,”  etc.

Now who do you think are the “real creators of chaos”or the “dark forces” in Zamboanga City? They are the elected political officials who refuse to expand the growth and progress of Zamboanga City to the rural communities; they are the political officials who do not believe that too much concentration of people and development activities within the City Proper would create problems of traffic snarls,  high  incidence  of criminality,  frequent conflagrations,  communicable and chronic diseases, mendicancy,  kidnappings, killings, and other similar crimes due to massive poverty and unemployment. All these problems that are caused by over-crowdedness of people and over concentration of economic, technological, industrial, educational, and scientific infrastructures, services and livelihood opportunities within a micro space must all be blamed on the political leaders who refuse to spread comprehensively and equitably, the economic, social, and political development toward the countryside.

Why do our politicians collectively not support the elevation of qualified barangays to municipalities when it is allowed under the Local Government Code of 1991? Why do these politicians of ours not take the initiative of knowing how some scandalously small  municipalities like Pateros, San Juan, and Malabon became cities under the Metro concept.  Why do these political leaders of ours not invite the planners of Cebu and learn from them how they converted Cebu into a Metro City? The answer to these questions is: they don’t like any of the barangays to become municipality because it will no longer be under their political control. But they are more than willing to create new barangays out of sitios because this will mean additional government units within their political supervision and control which will translate into bigger leadership span and prestige.

How then can the different qualified barangays in the East and West coasts become municipalities and later on cities if no political leader will lift even a tiny finger to support the legislative initiative for this purpose?  We will rot forever as just a highly urbanized citr and the barangays  will be  canned  as barangays for all eternity.  Who are to blame for this  political stagnation?

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