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POOR Mayor Beng, she cracks!


When GOD created the whole universe, He made it appear by His spoken words only. But, when He created you & me(human beings), He not only spoke but He used His very hands, and scooped dust from the ground by which He created an image unto His likeness. This is the very reason why we(human beings) are very special in the sight of GOD. (Words of enlightenment).

OUR lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar must have lost her composure when she appeared perturbed by this very corner’s queries: “How come the city spent some P9 million for the water consumption of our internally-displaced persons(IDPs)housed in their temporary shelters in the National High School –West building near our pitiful site, our badly destroyed modern sports complex on RT Lim Blvd. this city?; and the supposed amount of P130,000( per month?) just to dislodge all their wastes out there by our city gov’t?”

NONETHELESS, our ever Blessed-looking lady mayor managed to end her all replies to these two hard questions with ‘flying color.’
SHE explained that these amounts that I mentioned were even smaller than what the city has actually paid( or still paying same amount up to now until their transfer eventually takes effect?).

THIS is the one underlying factor why the city has now to hasten their transfer to the site/s now being strongly backed up by our local officials as their alternative sites, so as to already de-congest the crammed site packed with nothing but filth & all those mess-ups.

OUR novice mayor needs our help, too, by not to further exacerbate the situation. And, she appears close to even begging on her bended knees for the media to please help her simmer down all those never-ending hounding issues against her rookie government-- particularly on peace & order, on supposed weak leadership, no backbone, and etc.

AND now, there’s this sector in mi ciudad de Zamboanga that’s so much concerned with what’s afflicting us nowadays. This sector, much as they want to see our good lady mayor, but it looks like they’re being referred to ‘people’ not too keen to take them seriously.

AND so, they look for another alternative avenue by which their message can eventually reach the mayor-- just to inform her of their benevolent intention to extend their helping hand to her administration.

AND, the ultimate way, it seems to them is via our local media here.

JUST a few of their supposed aplenty unsolicited help for our lady mayor: “Why can’t just our good lady mayor let these IDPs avail of renting houses, at their own volition, as to where they desire to rent houses in our residential areas, with, of course, a financial support from our local government? This will mean lesser expenses on the part our city compared when transferring them en-mass to these ‘potential’ sites that our city has even a hard time to find and locate. AND, if they manage to find and locate, the question always crops up?” Are the people of these barangays where they’re to be transferred, willing to accept them? What we gathered, right now, most if not all these barangays where these remaining throngs of IDPs  
are yet to be transferred, are vehemently opposed to such a projected transfer to their own turf/s.

THE latest barangay that’s strongly against for their transfer is said to be Brgy. Mampang.

BEFORE Mampang, our city enamoured other barangays, and the result is that they’re as strongly opposed as all the others.


I have to cut short my pencing for today, cay baka alcansa pa canaton el bendition del blackouts.@

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