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Gold won’t get you into glory!


This article is not designed to be an attack on prosperity. It is not saying stand with your arm raised and swear to get out of a successful business or to promise never to make a profit. It is, rather, a plea – a strong warning against losing a grip on right priorities.

Many of those who become successful, wealthy and famous have a great struggle handling all that. Some are able to keep a clear perspective, but it’s tough. It’s like putting a rope through the eye of a small needle. Remember Jesus’ words? How seldom do we find the successful genuinely humble!

The dream of the great society is that we work; fight; earn; sell; and labor, labor to get more and more! So is life at the top. It’s crazy, but there’s something so ego-satisfying being up there. It offers all of those condition, gain, and produce a benefit or favour that we did not have down below. And by climbing at the top we think we will then personify our long awaited dream. “All these physical things will satisfy all my deep, soul-level needs – right?” WRONG! Solomon, the wealthiest King of all says, “all is vanity”. Face it, it won’t satisfy, Will you hear him?

Nothing physical touches the soul. Nothing external satisfies our deeper inner needs. Remember that! The soul belongs to God. He alone can satisfy us in that realm. The bottom line is this. It is not going to help you. Remember some things ought to be, but they never will be. Possessions ought to satisfy, but they never will. Priorities ought to come automatically to smart people, but they don’t. that’s why we need God’s Book, the Bible.

The Bible is the only book that keeps bringing us back to the truth concerning possessions. No other book keeps bringing us back to the basic concerning priorities. Read the Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12 verses 13-21 and The Teachings about money and possessions on verses 22 to 33) “Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God.”

The whole point of Jesus’ parable can be stated in a few words: You are not really ready to live until you are ready to die. If you are not absolutely certain that heaven is your ultimate destination, then it is very doubtful you will be able to handle earth’s pressures. Remember some things ought to be, but they never will be.

Jesus, the Authority on life – and life after death – once said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). All those other “things” will fall into the right perspective if  Christ has first place in your life.

The soul possesses an inescapable God-shaped vacuum. And not until HE invades and fills it can we be at peace within – which is another way of saying, “If God is not in first place, you can’t handle success.” If  God fills your soul, if God fills your mind, if God satisfies your spirit, there is no problem whatsoever with prosperity.

If we have god it all put together, our priorities will be right, and we will know how to handle life and can impact the maximum number of people. If He prospers you, entrusts you with material success and you continue walking with Him, God can use you mightily in His plan. Furthermore, if you lose it all, he can give you what it takes to handle the loss and start all over again.

As we now observe the Holy Week, has there ever  been a time in your life when you have said, “Jesus Christ, You be the King. You take the first place. I invite you to take charge. You be the One who gives me counsel when I ask questions. Jesus Christ, You died for me. You have been raised from the dead. I lay my life before you – all the mess that I have made of it. Take me. Save me. I come just as I am. As a sinner, I need Your forgiveness, Your life.”

If not – if you have never prayed such a prayer – do it now. Take the gift of eternal life which God offers you. Turn to Him in faith. Don’t wait! This decision deserves top priority. Gold does not make a man. It only reveals Him. And gold won’t get you into glory.
By: Bro. Paeng Santos
(Source: Living in the rugged edge – Chuck Swindoll)

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