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MONTE SANTO request for help turned down by City Hall


(Words of enlightenment):
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HOW true that most City Hall
offices-- including the mayor’s and that of its PIO, have decided to stop subscribing newspapers, and that includes our local dailies or any at all, cos they have been advised to no longer rely on them, for the simple reason they’re mostly anti- Beng administration?

AND, even its PIO has confirmed that they aren’t keen reading newspapers nowadays, sans mentioning any good reason at all.
“Asegun dao Pencing, cay dol todo dao mga noticia contra cunel diaton Alcalde Beng ste mga tiempo, ese dao el rason, c Bogs ya ace su pregunta,” c Bogs ya entra mete na issue.

“Kemanera man sila sale up-to-date cosa ta pasa na mismo mga bibientes  di-ila?  Man ba bungul y man ba bulak yalang sila ansina. Ke clase de leaderes tiene kita ki Pencing?” c Bogs ya gruñi pa diunabes.

Ampara yalang canaton ki!

EVEN just a trickle of it, when it comes to money matters, Mayor Beng refers it for possible approval of the city budget officer, in this case our supposed very meticulous Virgie Gara.

IT was firmly confirmed by PIO Sheila E. Covarrubias.
I wrote a letter(as required)  to our city mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar if she could possibly help shell out - in her capacity as the city executive, as there’s one group right now hastening the massive repairs and the beautifying large portions of the Monte Santo site in Brgy. Lumayag in preparation for the forthcoming Holy Week(April 17- Holy Thursday & April 18 – Good Friday).

The group tapped me just in time if only to help put the Monte Santo site in its aptness and in its glorious mood, and be in its all readiness as the Christian populace prepares to observe our Lord Jesus Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection this coming week.
OUR faithful here and even from the outside-- including both foreign and local tourists,

will once again flock in big volumes the city’s renown premier sites for this spiritual reflection.
Beside having Monte Santo in the east-coast, we have the renown Mt. Abong-Abong in Brgy. (Upper) Pasonanca( in the north) and Sta. Dolorosa Resurreccion in Sitio Latap, Brgy. Labuan( in the west) where it has its own (14) Stations of the Cross, as well. Thanks to its own (District 1) Councilor Luis “Noning” Biel III who initiated in its construction some years back in his own property out there.

AND, with Monte Santo fast becoming a tourist destination, specifically for this solemn affair every year, ZC undeniably, has its three major sites solely for this annual religious affair, strategically located.

TO cut short what Pencing intends to say, Mayor Beng referred the letter to the budget officer, and it was flatly turned down, according to the mayor’s PIO.

“Cay nuay dao budget para de-ese, period.
Ese pa!
By the way, Pencing will come up with a few names who readily and even eagerly shared their help for the Monte Santo beautification project under the auspices of its very founder (Lumayang)Kgwd Arsenio “Rawhide” Nuevo.

NO offense meant, really, just telling the truth, period!

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