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WE need intrepid leaders unworried of any criticisms


(The WORD):
“IF you reject criticism, you only harm yourself, but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.” (Proverbs 15: 32).

THIS is where most of our politicians are frowning whenever they’re subjected to criticisms. They turn so union- skin & easily peeved when they find themselves being ‘roasted’, especially by the fourth estate(media). You can’t avoid being in those situations because you’re now a so-called public property—to be accountable more by now to their people upon assumption of their elective positions in the government. As the saying goes: “My loyalty to my party ends when my loyalty to my people begins.”

WHY? Now, let’s not turn blind to the fact that you owe it to the people—those who put you up there to take care and protect first & foremost the welfare & interest of your people as when you invoke such mandate when taking your oath to swear to GOD that you’ll do it to the best of your ability.

NOW, that we’re sumptuously on the driver’s seat, that doesn’t mean you can just make all those rash decisions at your own whims & caprices. No sir/ma'am!

IF that’s how easily you explode,losing your tops, then don’t ever try politics at all from now on. Not even stay there for a second.

IF you yet do and go for it, you might end up wretched and desolate that’ll ultimately mean your own downfall in the end.

TAKE criticisms in stride, instead, and let go off the steam by being good sports when being there yet in the glitters of the political world.

THIS is food for thoughts to most of our very own political leaders here who seem overridden when gravely dosed deep into amnesia—forgetting the fact that they’re there-- once elected into public office, more of public servants than what they’re literally projecting themselves as even masters in its very sense, when even shortly right after their election, they show their true color as being rude, oppressive and their being naïve to their very constituents when it comes to lending a helping hand to those unfortunate ones in our own turf here.

THIS is how so disgusting some people are behaving themselves as our own political leaders here.

TO put it in simple words: let’s not easily be craven, spineless just by the whiff of what supposedly stinks from your end.

Seasoned politicians of our own aren’t supposed to be brittle, fragile or frail. They’re supposed to be undaunted, unperturbed, intrepid and even hailed as ‘gold’ that dares all in a faceoff and not be yellow, meaning: hay, wood or stubble that could get easliy burned when 'fires'(criticisms) visit them. For, indeed, if you’re ‘gold’, you’ll even welcome all these ‘fires.'

Everybody in the business world knows what gold is. Gold will purify the more when going through the fire.

WE don’t need weak & riled leaders in our midst right now. We need leaders made of a strong stuff to prove he’s the one with a strong political will steering mi ciudad to greater heights.

OUR problems right now in here are surely big that have been dogging us up to this day since those colossal misfortunes slammed us last year-- in particular during those “ber” months, beginning the month of Sept. to the end of December.

IN furtherance, aside Proverbs (15: 32) as cited in the WORD (mentioned above), Proverbs (12: 15-16) enlightens us all, as well: “Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others. A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.”

TO our local leaders here, let’s act more of a statesman than being raw, greenhorn, untested, inexperienced and a ‘child’ in politics. This is so disgusting and very unpalatable if you are more like the latter than the former. Let’s be open-minded and do away being narrow-minded. Makahuya’ se ansina.

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