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SAHI dares local officials: “Be role model, pay arrears”


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I was in the midst of having our pep-talks in one coffee shop yesterday morning(April 14) when I received a surprise  call from the board President himself, Prexy Omar Sahi to be at Zamcelco where an ongoing press-con was about to wind up.

“Nuay ba invita cuntigo c Monch(Follosco)?” Sahi was blurting from his cell-phone as noise pollution was too much where I was with Atty. Tongo Climaco down the premises of his law office in downtown.

IT was almost 10 am and I gave my words to Prexy Sahi that I’d be there, perhaps, just in time.

AS expected, I came late, and they were more all ears to their GM George Ledesma as its board meeting presided over by Sahi himself, was about to end, as well, after its press-con, I was told, was all over.

BUT, Sahi wanted me to stay put for a possible (exclusive) interview with him.

“We want that NEA should review, re-evaluate our recommendation/s. We want them to thoroughly study our recommendation report. Perhaps, they just saw those figures—that of the highest bidder and that of the lowest bidder,” was Sahi’s initial response to my first query.

SAHI said NEA’s own worded statement appears an open-ended one.

“Cosa el NEA ya scribe canaton, el palabra “it seems to be expensive” hinde gayot claro. Donde ba el expensive lla? We want them(NEA) to clarify well.  They just saw, perhaps, those figures—that of the highest bidder and that of the lowest bidder. But, they must have failed to see the cause of its difference( that amounts to P84 million).What about those interconnections? IF they(lowest bidder) stated also in their documents their interconnections (cost), perhaps, it’ll even be more than the differential(of P84 million),” Sahi expounded.

SAHI also mentioned its brand name, as well, that could spell the difference, too. That’s the very reason why Sahi wants NEA to thoroughly study first Zamcelco’s recommendation/s for its preference to hire the expertise of CAMEC ( highest bidder) in the amount of some P620 million compared LIN Man pricing its offer lesser than P84 million( something like  P544m, not sure the exact amount published in this corner much earlier).   

And, one thing more, Sahi continued, LIN Man has failed to mention/cite in its offer sheet, any warranty clause at all, while CAMEC did within a grace long period of time.

“Na aura, c ya dale kita canila, bahala yalang cay nuay man warranty? Grande problema kita ay tene,” Sahi buttressed Zamcelco’s stand for CAMEC.

WHILE about to end up, SAHI’s earnest appeal and concern to those critics appearing more out to politicize than really out to help the city rise from all its misfortunes plaguing its midst-- including the imminent worsening power crisis come this middle of late this year, starting (again) the months of “bers”(Sept. to December):

“Why are they( some local officials) asking us to resign? Man resign kame? Cosa anomaliya ya comete kami ki na Zamcelco? Nuay kame cosa anomaliya ya ace ki. Siguru, sila debe man resign, cay nuay sila cosa ayuda gayot ya dale cunel Zamboanga. Tan claim sila caro’, mira anay sila el situation y hinde’ putak ki putak sila na radyo. No sila huga pulitika ki, ,cay yo hinde un politician,” Sahi strongly retorted.

ONE more thing, according to Sahi: ‘They’re free to come to us here( Zamcelco) and verify all those supposed questionable deals that they’re suspecting, cay transparent kame ki. We have all the documents here, and they are free to scrutinize them all. El problema kanila, putak ki putak sila na radyo, sin saber el verdad situation,” Sahi minced no words in stressing his side, point-by-point.

Ese pa!
NOW, Sahi to underscore what he meant about complete transparency on their part in Zamcelco, he gave all those documents, as well, of local officials, including some councilors, still having their pending(large) arrears, yet up to now, remain unsettled.

“Debe gane’ sila role model, pero el kien ta combersa lli, ma boka, tiene pa grande debe na Zamcelco.”

He said, despite having received those notices( for disconnections), they, to this day, haven’t settled their arrears yet. One city councilor’s total arrears, according to records, amount to more than P18, 000 while another is indebted in the amount of more than P85,000. Still another( councilor) owes Zamcelco its remaining unsettled arrears amounting to over P2,000.

“Unu lli amo el kien tamanda man resign canamon.,” Sahi quipped nay kidding at all.
Ese pa! Ay amboot!

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