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Gigi Reyes: no choice but to return


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “However, if you do not listen to the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees… all these curses will come on you and overtake you: The Lord will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought…” (Deuteronomy 28:15, 22, the Holy Bible).

HOT CLIMATE, HOW TO BEAT IT: Did you notice how the temperature has become unbearably hot? Yes, it looks as if the weather has become scorchingly hot. That is, it is so hot our skin and our bodies seem to burn. The bad news is that, there is no good news in this. This burning hot temperature will continue and cause terrible and deadly sicknesses among many, as the days, and months, and the years, go by.

Is there any remedy against this? Is there anything we can do about this? Many will say there is none, because extremely hot temperatures are the result of global warming and climate change. I am convinced however that there is something we can do. To fight this terrible heat, we must start conscientiously reading the Bible everyday, and start obeying it sincerely and truthfully all the days of our lives.

Why? Because the Bible, which predicted this grossly overheated climate to occur all over the world, gave exact remedies on how we can prevail against global warming. It said, in Deuteronomy 28:15: we must read the Bible and obey God. Those who will do so will survive. Those who won’t read the Bible and who won’t obey God will die.  The choice is yours!

RP VS. UAE: WHO IS CORRECT RE VIRUS? Question: which has better and state of the art medical facilities? The Philippines or the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Without denigrating our country, I will say UAE has better facilities. So, who gave the correct prognosis on the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who contracted the dreaded MERS-Corona virus, a deadly fever disease?

The Philippines, which said the OFW tested negative for the virus, or UAE, which said the OFW tested positive for the illness? I am sure the Philippine Department of Health meant well in saying the OFW was not sick with the virus. But, can it override the UAE medical findings just like that, in an attempt to calm down our panicking countrymen? I hate to think what will happen if our DOH is wrong.

DEADLY FEVERS PREDICTED BY THE BIBLE: By the way, fevers and other wasting illnesses were predicted to happen by the Bible’s Book of Curses, which is found in its Deuteronomy 28:15 and 22. The Bible said, if we no longer listen to God (which means, we no longer read His Bible) and we no longer obey Him sincerely, He will strike us with fever and scorching temperatures which will cause death. It is no accident therefore that fever plagues are erupting almost everywhere now.

GIGI: NO CHOICE BUT TO RETURN TO RP: I would say that Gigi Reyes, the former chief of staff of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, had no choice but to return to the Philippines. First, as admitted by her own brother, her passport and visa had expired, and renewing them was obviously very slim. Second, there was no way she could hide forever, because of the extradition treaties we entered into with many countries, especially the US.

Third, I am sure that, given her very limited options, it was not difficult for her to agree to return to the Philippines and then enter into arrangements that may set her free from the plunder case against her. Either she could turn state witness, as many are now asking her to do, or, she could simply coast along with the rest of her co-accused in the plunder case, until a more sympathetic president is sworn in.

BORN OF SPIRIT: An interesting reaction on being “born of God”: are not all people “born of God” and, therefore, are themselves “children of God”? Answer: no, not anyone had “been born of God”, simply because they were created by God. John 3:6 says, those who are born of flesh are mere flesh, but those who are born of the Spirit are Spirit. A man therefore must be born of the Spirit, or born of God, first.

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