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Donated rice fast rotting?


“HE will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.( PSLAM (91:11).
IF the Lord is with us then who can be against us? Indeed, GOD will send his angels to be our guides wherever we go even to all corners of the world. All we have to do is trust the Lord. When we put our trust upon Him, the Lord feels so much delighted, cos we have faith in Him that nothing can harm us whenever He’s there with us.(Words of enlightenment). Email: / cp. No. 09292189937

BEWARE of Merse Virus! What we gathered from a highly reliable source, that some Filipinos, specifically those coming from the Middle East, have already been contaminated with this fatal disease. “Mers virus” thrives under the scorching heat of the sun. The fact, that most victims from their outside territories, got contracted with this highly contagious virus, our DOH authorities, and that includes our own CHO here, should better take all the precautionary steps to avert its possible widespread across the country.

WE need to have a strict quarantine control section that’ll help prevent its entry. Those detected with such a potent illness should strictly be put under medical confinement in a place that should be totally isolated from our community.

“Mers virus” is only one of the many weird ailments or diseases just popping up in these days of Climate Change and its global warming.

AND, so let’s now be extraordinarily be prepared for any eventuality arising in our own backyards, including this new plague cast upon us in these days.

“Talli pa se problema de sanitation na aton ciudad, particularmente na mga evac centers, Dios cuydao yalang canaton ki!” c Bogs ya nervia ya tamen.

I HAPPENED to move around, practically, hopping from one corner to another in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. And, one of those treads, I came across some marginalized persons, including a number of IDPs somewhere in one of their temporary shelters in the east. And, you know what they’ve shown me? 

“Sir, ma gorgoho man el aros ya dale canamon? Tamanda lang canamon laba, pero Sir, dol hinde’ ya gayot bueno el aros, cay tiene ya gorgoho. Pero’ Sir, nuay mas kame pordonde ta ace yalang kame yawat,” griped one family.

What I gathered the more, those donated rice intended for those displaced evacuees forced to abandon their respective houses at the height of the Sept. 9 month-long bloody siege last year, have been left to rot for even months long instead distributing them on time to these evacuees direly in need of the staple food, including our cereals that’s rice, cos Filipinos are known as voraciously rice eaters.

What I learned from the beginning, or just after those two huge disasters that struck us late last year, the one In-charge (Dist. 1) Councilor Myra Paz V. Iturralde, as she told me, that she no longer took charge of those donated relief goods/items.
“Na, c ansina, quien man dao in-charge cunese ya?” c Ador ta pregunta.

“Hinde ba se tiene kta DSWD or di-aton mismo City Social Welfare Office(CSWO)?,” c Bogs ta pregunta tamen.

“Ya pasa yo lli na sangunian panlungsod, alli ba na conseho dia-ton, siempre cun mi pahagat, manada pa man mga a’ros  lla na sangunian?” c Nado el de monte, dol ta straña na su mismo pregunta, cay de monte gat ste.
Ay amboot!

IF I happen to cross path with my good lady councilor Myra, I’ll ask about this, cos these are supposed to be given out to our displaced evacuees, including of-course the host of our Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs), of-course minus the supposed bogus ones.

Let’s see what’ll happen next. As I have said all over again, we have nothing personal against our top local officials here. We simply help them wake up from their being naïve at times, perhaps, and sternly remind them that they owe it to those people now very much in need of their immediate help and attention. We can’t run away from such responsibilities, especially so, in these days when we see people, knowing the fact that there have been huge donations coming in from all across the globe, as being bruited, yet these people have been there craving nay letup that they have so much tormented, and having so much hard times getting those help meant for them up to now.

“C kien man ya sinti, o yaman pikon, pues pasiensya kta, cay talli kta ya otorga core’ na pulitika para dao sirbi na ila comploblanos, pero’ akel gale’ mas ta sufri mga bibientes ila mismo. Ay keseyo!@

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