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“I’m strictly for responsible mining” – Cong. Lilia Nuño


“Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”( James 1:19).
(Words of enlightenment):

A person who easily cracks in his mind and heart, easily crumbles in the spirit, as well.
Our spirit will tell it all about our own true self.

IN-fact, it’s not our eyes that really make us see. It’s our soul my friend. It’s not our ears that make us hear really, it’s our soul my brothers & sisters. It’s not your body that makes you feel the pain, but your soul my dearest ones. Once, that soul departs from our body, the body will no longer respond at all, cos the one that makes us truly respond is no longer there, but somewhere in eternity—either in Hell or in Heave. Remember, there are only two final destinations where our soul will go, and no in-between( that’s what many of those in the religions and denominations call Purgatory). There’s nothing of that sort in Heaven. Religions and denominations are brand names authored by men only. The religion of GOD is to follow his Perfect Will only. As GOD says only one thing when our soul faces Him on Judgment Day: “My son/daughter, did you obey my will?” That’s the basis of our eternal salvation, my brothers & sisters.
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MANY out there are inquiring up to now, as who could be known as true heroes in the face of the city’s most critical days—the Sept. 9 month-long bloody siege when under heavy attack from those overwhelmingly well-armed MNLF/Misuari identified rag-tag faction—numbering some 400 to 500 brigands; then right away swept by a great deluge for days that rendered several low-lying key areas in mi ciudad de Zamboanga under deep waters.
“Kien man dao Jun el mga heroes diaton akel tiempo?” some sectors dared Pencing to name some individually.

I told them repeatedly I don’t think I can do that, cos there are many of them out there who, instead exalting themselves, humbled in silence but verily honored by GOD as genuine leaders in the community nay any ifs or buts at all when serving their own people in times of huge crisis like we just went through late last year, starting the “ber” months—from September to December.

‘Kien man Pencing, abla ya cay sabe kame tiene tu 2u crystal ball lli,” c Bogs ya asaeta ya tamen kanaton.
Ay amboot! Not now please. Maybe some other times. Nusa’y porke sila interesado lli. Ay naku!

“I’M  for responsible mining. This will spur development in our city, including in my district(2),” declared  Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño over the weekend.

BUT, the ever motherly lady solon wants those applying for mining in the city, particularly in her district 2, to discerningly follow all the required processes-- including assuring us of their mining’s operations’ strict safety measures to really protect our very own environment here.
“Whoever will apply mining in our place, should pass all the necessary requirements so as to be sure they’ll really not jeopardize our environment here,” Cong. Nuño urged.

She said just to secure their license/s to operate mining is just tedious and even a ticklish thing to do. Because, no license will be granted them if they fail to comply all these requirements, according to Nuño.

“That’s why we only welcome in our place responsible mining, that’s the bottom-line,” according to her.

She said responsible mining, like in other parts of the country, “will give more jobs to our constituents, especially in the Vitali district,” she supplicated. 

The congresswoman made it clear, as she reiterates: “Again, I’m only for responsible mining for it’ll help give works to our people here. If they don’t qualify being responsible in their mining business they would wish to operate in our city, then I’m totally against it, for we have to also protect strictly our own environment here,” the lady DIST. 2 House Representative in mi ciudad de Zamboanga stressed.

Albeit her being a neophyte, the lady solon from the east-coast is sure treading on the right direction with her true vision and foresight for the better tomorrow of ZC, not only for this present generation but for the next to come, meant for our children and for our children’s children. Keep up those great efforts of yours, Ma’am! So that others may follow.

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