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“SEEK ye the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”
(Words of enlightenment):

THIS is very true, because sans GOD’s inclusion in our lives, we’re spiritually in vain in the sight of GOD. Whatever we do, wherever we are, whenever we fell we’re alone nay our companions with us, we have to just feel the presence of GOD, and there you are, you won’t feel alone at all. GOD is always in our midst if only we call on His precious name through our sincere prayers meant to follow His only perfect Will, no matter what. So, seek ye first His Kingdom( spiritual first before any of our physical needs to come simply next in our lives. Email: /cp  0929218997

I am in the midst of a supposed press-con at 12 noon today(April 23) held at one flashy hotel in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, but “IBA NA ANG PANAHON” that has something to do with our current global warning as a result of this phenomenal Climate Change. This very significant event is being made possible by our lead government agencies like the Department oOf Science & Technology(DOST) AND THE Department of Interior & Local Government(DILG) in partnership with the Office of Civil Defence (OCD).

THEIR group already kicked off their Mindanao sorties last week intended for the ARMM but held here in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. But, this time, this ongoing same event is meant for Region-9 with ZC as the venue, as well.

THANKS for coming up with this concept,” IBA NA ANG PANAHON” as this is the urgent call to help address our gravely ill environment now at its very critical stage at this point in time.

I JUST hope they can sustain and remains consistent in their current endeavours corollary to the potent threats our plante Earth is right now facing. And the dire need for everyone’s utmost cooperation, as this is not only the job of our government through these cited agencies on the frontline, but ours, as well- I mean each and every citizen should step up too, by keenly taking the cue as espoused by our own very government. Again, let me reiterate, that hoping and praying the government is dead serious to address this no. 1 global threat(Climate Change) stemmed from mother nature’s fury vis-à-vis the man-made catastrophes like these global  terror threats from the Al Queda terrorists network  that even our Superpower countries like the United States can’t just snub or ignore at all.

All these mighty threats can cripple our planet Earth even so sudden, and can push it into oblivion, totally.

BUT, with all our level best to help build up those cushioning effects, through all those innovative and creative measures-- serving as proactive steps to at-least lull its convulsive impact, onwe of which,in its most likelihood, is what our government is right now doing, then, perhaps, we can yet forestall those fearful signs of what in the Scriptures has been reminding us, as always, that this is no longer the days of man, but the Day of the Lord—as  His Judgment Day appears very apparent, as we look at it in real timeas when pockets of Judgment are practically happening in all corners of our globe. Like what GOD talked to Abraham and Abraham trie to bargain GOD: “IF there are 50 righteous people Lord, will you still punish Sodom & Gomorrah?..” and so on, and so forth. But there was none of those numbers that even lowered to just 10, as saith in the Bible, except the  family of Lot(Abraham’s nephew) composed of just 4. And so, GOD proceeded to punish severely these two biblical cities found in the grave of sin in those days. The rest is history as revealed in the Scriptures. See you in next Pencing’s issue, cos the press-con is about to end. I might be late again. No lang!

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