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BENG weakens own strength vs. CELSO in 2016 local polls?


“ I HAVE hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”( Psalm119: 11)
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FORMER VM Bong Ko’s ardent appeal to our Lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar is to not just spend and spend on the repairs of all city gov’t projects found with glaring defects, but to also pinpoint responsibility and accountability of those( contractors) found remiss in their works.

KO cited one renowned city-funded project worth even at already P100 million-- making the most expensive single construction project in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

“We have spent already P50 million for this discovered defective SP building, and our city has even spent the additional amount of another roughly P50 million. Now, this is people’s money, but, until now, no results of any investigation done on these reported serious defects, have come out up to this date,” Ko lamented.

“To our new Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, we just hope she’ll look into this problem, that instead of adding or pouring more money to cure all these defects, she should now look into the responsibility of the contractor/s also,” Ko, whose reins came in the mid l990’s, as the vice mayor of the late lady Mayor Caling Lobregat, urged the lady mayor, Beng.

KO rued that it has been 10 years already since he lodged a complaint  for said defects stumbled on the SP modern edifice, with the ombudsman, but that there has been no feedback at all as to its investigation results. He believes the case he filed is now in the Sandigan bayan and that our present local officials should better follow this up if they’re indeed after public welfare & interest.

HE said our lady Mayor Beng, being identified with Pres. Noynoy Aquino III’S (LP) party, should adhere to the President’s urgent call, as the people have high expectations of the present administration’s strong motto: “Matuwid na Daan.”

The ex- vice mayor said, “It’s high time that the gov’t should pinpoint responsibility. “If it’s the responsibility of the contractor/s, then let them address and cure those defects, and not for our gov’t to spend the more for all those “defects,” as these expenses are our own money—taxpayers’ money.” Ko sternly stated.

He said before the city enters into a contract for any infra projects, like structures similar to our SP defective ‘modern’ edifice, there’s this warranty being imposed on the part of the contractor/s hired to do the job. “This is to protect the interest and welfare of the public,” according to Ko.
“We want results already of those investigations if there are any,” Bong Ko stressed.

“Alli gayot! Hinde’ pa ustedes uwi? Does that mean all those calls, those suggestions, those recommendations and all those appeals of ours, like of the erstwhile vice mayor Ko, merely fall on deaf ears of our present crop of local leaders today?

I thought our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar is a known listening mayor as she projected to be prior or even shortly after her triumphant election last May 2013, but it lamentably looks like she ain’t at all, as being shown, now that she’s almost to reach her year-long reign at City Hall, as our new city executive is there to serve a full 3-year term in office mandated by law-- to run anew for three consecutive terms if lucky enough to remain in the portals of the seat of governance in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

“Man lisud c Beng cun Celso c ay man encuentro sos para mayor na 2016,” c Bogs dol tan intriga yaman tamen.

“Aba Bogs no ansina, bien intrigero gat bos! Taman pulitka ya tamen bos! Lehos pa Bogs!,” c Ador dol rabiao, cay dol ta pega dao ya tamen cun su gallio ste c Bogs.

Contra, contra pa man sos  dos na pulikta.

Ay keseyo!

Mayor Beng should look into certain notable observations at City Hall: poor air-conditioning unit/s of its separate City Hall press con venue holding every Monday at its PIO office. “Bien sudao el mga guests, taman perspire gayot sila, Ay keber se!,” one media practitioner dismally noted; its weakness of holding late press-cons-- not heeding to its own sked, either at 9am or at 10am. Confuse kta este! The last press-con(April 21) was held almost at 12noon. “Bien cun ambre ya,  both the guests and the media, as well,” another newsman complained. 

“El moderator (Sheila Covarrubias) appears playing favorites in acknowledging media practitioners’ queries. “’Hinde’ dao para bira questiona same issues ke yan tackle ya, pero’ el su mga lapses bien grabe. Hinde’ ba se de pabor, pabor sila lli?” c Mon ya consumi.

Now, will our beloved Mayor act on these all legitimate observations from our media circle here? After all, that’s supposed a press-con intended primarily for our local media here. “Baka’ Pencing, ay man bungul, bungul ya lang tamen sila canaton? Puede lang ba se? Abusu se de poder ay cay c hinde’ sila uwi se clase de observation sale mismo na aton local media ki,” c Nyo’ ya man react.
Ay santisima!

Dist. 1 Councilor Luis ‘Noning” R. Biel III this week expressed his big “Yes” in welcoming huge investors in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.
LIKE the council’s latest guest, “Prime Bulk Water Infrastructure Corp” (headed by its blue-blooded Zamboangueño Mike Regino), the 3rd & last termer Biel said, “We should be happy that there are now big investors coming to our city, after we have undergone through those maladies.”

He said this particular firm has already entered and forged a MOA with our ZCWD to augment our water supply in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

ZC is continuing its meteoric rise in terms of its population growth that’ll spell our doom in here, as our water here is not only getting scarce every now and then, “but Jun, taman ration ya kta el agua bibir diaton ki na ciudad. It’s very pitiful to see our own people lining up even at wee hours of the morning just so they can have a drinking water in their respective households,” Biel expressed alarm.

ALTHOUGH, he said he welcomes this private entity that vows to give us (actually it’ll sell water to the city through ZCWD) quality water, yet he wants the said firm to even lower further its proposed fix water rate of P12.25/ cubic meter ( to only increase by P1 after 10 yrs. of its maintained fix rate, if rightly gathered from my source) whose computation in 40 yrs. as its projected timeline, would sum up its total gains to a whopping P5 billion and up, as compared its nominal financial investment of only about almost P800 million.

NONETHELESS, according to Councilor Biel, the mere fact that there’s this noted bullish start in the influx of large investors wanting to do business in mi ciudad de Zamboanga albeit the bedlams that lashed badly our city late last year, there’ is a good reason that Zamboangueños should rejoice, instead portraying a poker-face that wouldn’t help us at all. 

“Buwsitt se ansina, mas bueno pa happy faces dale kta mira canila, compara akel dol ichuray amariao el aton cabisa ki. That only brings us more curses than blessings that have yet to come, if we get rid of the hypocrisy that now envelops prevalently in our own midst. Ay naku! Cuando pa caha’ el suerte llega canaton,” c Bogs ya suspira ya tamen.
Asta donde pa kta ste!

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