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A breakthrough for RTWPB!


“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic.” Deuteronomy (31:6)
(Words of enlightenment)
IF the Lord is with us, then who can be against us?
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A free-wheeling discussion amongst them--- I mean the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board(RTWPB) vis-

a-vis the no-holds-barred media forum at the same time held on Labor Day(May 1) in its office on Veterans Ave. ZC.
IN same event, the RTWPB agreed to sign/ forge its Advisory to aptly address its own issues-- particularly on its productivity incentive pay schemes as reference of workers and enterprises in the implementation of productivity improvement and gain-sharing programs with the media practitioners, as amongst the witnesses during its Signing.

As stressed in its two-tiered wage system: “the two-tiered wage system is a reform that maintains the mandatory minimum wage setting under R.A. 6727 or the Wage Rationalization Act, as the first tier (TIER1) and complemented by a voluntary productivity-based pay scheme as the second tier (TIER2).It was conceptualized in 2010 and implemented in 2012 with the support of social partners.”

THIS is a breakthrough of sort between labor and management, and we salute to those comprising the board, in particular.
AND, those composing the RTWPB in here are the following: Sisinio B. Cano( Chair- DOLE-9 Director);  Sitti Jamina M. Jain M. Jain( Vice Chair—DTI-9 Director); Teresita Socorro C. Ramos(Vice Chair- NEDA -9 Director); Jose J. Suan( Labor Representative); Roberto G. Valerio( Employers’ Representative); Rey Anthony D. Trio( Labor Representative) and Edgar B. Lim(Employers’ Representative).
And, for such a laudable ‘win-win’ formula to help address (proactively) its own “inevitable” labor & management row, you deserve media’s kudos, in so far as this corner is concerned.

May your tribe increase!

“BUT, please no lobbying, cay tiene storia, fuerte dao el lobbying lli,” c Bogs tiene man suspecho.

“Nuay lobbying, tiene lang fuerte arguing (between labor and employers’ groups),” came the quick retort of Ed Lim that elicited laughter inside the press-con.
NOW, here comes its sidelights:
“Zamcelco should instead do something to address the 2 or 3-year impending power crisis—it has its two-options to do its decision, swiftly. And, for us, either be it the 16 mw gen-sets or the power barge, our group will welcome it, for as long we have this stand-by power source/s to resolve this forthcoming imminent worsening power woes,” Bubuy Valerio remarked.
The group from the employers’ side, disputed the earlier statement of ZCCI Pres. Rufo “Pocholo” Soliven who declared during last week’s city council’s committee hearing relative to the controversial 16mw proposal branded as “overpriced” by some members of the council, that such Zamcelco’s ‘delayed’ alternative power source plan is now “moot & academic.
Soliven argued during the committee hearing, that such would be an exercise in futility by the time Zamcelco shall have finalized everything for its eventual implementation,  “as power supply is no longer the problem but an over-supply of power” with the coal-fired power envisioned by the San Ramon Power Inc.(SRPI) already in full blast, as supposedly known being flaunted by SRPI itself.
“Alli mira gane’ kta c kien ta combersa lasang y c kien tupao,” aba c Bogs ya tamen ya combersa.

“Ay sabe man kta se siempre,” c Ador ya contesta tamen.

“Yo, sabe yo kien el lasang lli,” c Nado el de monte, hinde’ gayot ta atrasa na cuento.

Ay amboot!

AND, here is all about the political noise this early.

“I tell you, the only bet who can give a run for her money in district 2 congressional race is our ex-Councilor Nonong Guingona(III),” Buboy Valerio stated emphatically.

“(VM Cesar)Iturralde has no match to our (Dist. 2) Congresswoman Lilia Nuño,” Valerio added.
At-least five others, all noted political analysts in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, jived with Valerio’s political observation come 2016 local elections.

“Hinde’ aguanta c VM Itu’ cun Cong. Lilia Nuño. The most logical candidate to face our Congresswoman is Guingona, be it the young BG IV or Nonong Guingona. The Guingonas are strong bets to be able to beat our very hard-working lady solon Lilia Nuño in the coming 2016 elctions here,” likewise declared the quintet, separately.

“Ese ya!”, aba alegre gayot c Nado, dol ta entende gat le aserca de eleccion.
“Bien sabiondo gat bos Nado!” c Bogs yaman saway ya tamen cunel de alla, alla.
Ay keseyo!@

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