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Multi-sectoral group ‘chides’ Pencing


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I was rather unaware it was exclusively for their own ‘special’ meeting—the Multi-Sectoral group for a Better( Zamcelco? or Zamboanga?) meeting.
“Jun, not Mobeza but MBZ-- Multi-Sectoral for better Zamcelco,” corrected the ‘infuriated’ Buboy Valerio, its convenor for the meeting.
That was a Friday afternoon(May 9), and while about to start, I asked the group what the hell I was attending its supposed special meeting, huh?

“I was about to go to that Jun, but this is meant only for the group,” Buboy went on to clarify.

“Ok, but can I first enjoy and finish this tasty soup  you just serve me?”

Go ahead, then scram!
The group might be telling themselves inside, probably.

Anyway, I saw the list of its attendance, and amongst the present ones were (ZCCF Pres.) Pocholo Soliven, Joe Suan-, Atty. Arsenio Gonzales, Jun Marquez, (Industrial group Pres.) Arriel Onesa, Dist. 2 Councilor Kim Elago II, Atty. Carl Rubio and Engr. Efren Wee. Have I missed anyone?

However, prior to their meeting held inside one posh restaurant of city’s flashy New Astoria Hotel situated on Sucabon Rd., the group ‘ganged up’ on me.

“Jun, your story about this 10 modular gen-sets proposed in 2012 is wrong. In the first place, there was no proposal at all. It was the pet project of Sec. Petilla when the latter came here sometime April of 2013 at the height of its power crisis, and broached the said idea. But, it never materialized at all..” ; “That came about April of 2013, and by July or August, they should have started it already. But, when did they(Zamcelco) conceptualize it? February? Too late already..” ; “They’re all hearsays, they are there to spread lies..”

These are just some of those scornful remarks stemmed from the group just so they could verily send across their very important message to all & sundry in here-- mostly getting the brunt of the worsening power crisis that’s now wreaking havoc in most parts of Mindanao, and that for sure, includes mi ciudad de Zamboanga-- as the simmering heat due to the onset of El Niño is just too much to bear for us, right now.   
The group’s seeming agenda for that day, apparently would include all the 3 or 4 burning issues that are currently hounding ZC, and these are the crises affecting Zamcelco’s lamentable power supply deficiency; the controversial “Prime Bulk Infrastructure” water project already forged by ZCWD with the private firm proposing it; the ATRO mining brouhaha; Dacon’s massive fencing in Brgy. Recodo; the yet IDPs’ relocation mess on RT Lim Blvd and at the sports complex in Brgy. Baliwasan & etc.
But, the group’s ire is vent more on Zamcelco. “Now, tell me Jun, who’s making all these delays, huh?” He was alluding to Zamcelco’s woeful  predicament that up to now, it’s yet negotiating with NEA on its insistence not to rebid anymore for it’d even delay the more in the procurement of the 16mw gensets. Its primary aim is to help stabilize the power supply load of ZC amid the worsening power woes stalking the whole Mindanao region.

While the Multi-sectoral group for a Better Zamcelco(MBZ) was having their special meeting inside Astoria Hotel, Dist. 1 Councilor Jawo Jimenez, Jr., while in attendance inside the city hall conference room along with other top city officials taking charge in looking after the host of disaster victims of the recent colossal maladies that struck ZC late last year, took a potshot at those out to muddle further the Zamcelco power crisis issue.  
“They’re trying to divert the issue, really, by having their own intramurals inside its board of directors’ conference room. The biggest problem right now is the 10 to 12 hours of brownouts & blackouts that we’re experiencing right now, and not the issue of filing of cases against each other (in Zamcelco). El problema ke debe sila atende derecho is this worsening power crisis y hinde’ man pellahan sila lli. De tapa palta lang se,” the outspoken young city legislator from Brgy. Ayala scoffed. Jimenez, as chair of the council committee on disasters, the reason why he was in attendance of the disaster conference at City Hall that day, called on Zamcelco’s top brass to better resign.
“I stand pat on my earlier call, asking them to resign,” the fiery alderman from Brgy. Ayala strongly stated.
“Let’s address this problem (power crisis) with all sobriety, and not be emotional (about it),” cautioned Atty. Gonzales in our pre-meeting natter.
“Tupao c Atty. Gonzales, Pencing,” c Bogs ya combersa.
“Deberas se, no kta ase mga rash decisions lli. Let us remain sober and calm when making crucial decisions,” c Ador dol bueno gayot dale conseho, del ingles, ingles pa gayot. Cun kien caha’ ste ta aprende tene wisdom igual cun King Solomon?
Bueno man gayot ste dale advice.

Ay uwi combos c Nado, ay precura’ ya tamen kel entra cuchara mal labao. Ampara yalang combos!@

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