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Celso can score a ‘homerun’, unless..


“Give all your worries and cares to GOD, for he cares about you.”(1 Peter 5:7)
(Words of enlightenment)

YES, that’s true, give all your worries and your cares to GOD, and He’ll take charge all of them. Have faith in GOD who  won’t abandon you at all. Worries only mean you don’t trust GOD at all. GOD doesn’t want us to worry at all. He wants us to be happy at all times by trusting Him perfectly well.(Email: / cp. No. 09292189937

BEFORE anything else, let me acknowledge a few hearted souls who responded positively well to the earnest request for their help in the renovation/beautification of “Monte Santo” during the Semana Santa observance last April in commemoration by the Christian world of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. These are the following who responded as sincere donors of their moderate financial aid without any further ado: Atty. Carl Rubio—P500; Asst. City Engr. Rodrigo Rebollos—P200; Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño—P1,000; City Civil Registrar Atty. Alexander “Eric” Elias – P500; CHO Dr. Rodel Agbulos –P 500; Atty. Bernardino Ferrer of the City Legal Office(CLO)—P 500 and Dist. 1 Councilor Mel Sadain—P200.

From the bottom of our hearts, and in behalf of Arsenio “Rawhide” Nuevo-- the founder of Monte Santo located in Brgy. Lumayang in the east-coast, thank you so much for your kindest help on this particular endeavor.   “Monte Santo” site attracted throngs of devotees during the Holy Week celebration last April 17(Holy Thursday) and last April 18(Good Friday). “Monte Santo” is now a potential tourist destination spot in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.
“Pero’ Pencing, nuay pa dao tu anda na Monte Santo? Deberasan ba se? Nuay gayot invita sila cuntigo anda lli?,” aba c Bogs ta precura ya tamen man intriga.

Ay Amboot!

LTO-9 under Dir. Atty. Aminola “Alex” Abaton is “all systems go” for its much ballyhooed anti-drunk/ drugs Act campaign in a bid to curb the high incidence of road accidents in the country.

“But, Jun, we’re still waiting for the final advisory for its implementation from our ASEC Alfonso Tan, our LTO Chief. However, it’ll surely come very soon,” stated LTO Operations Chief Shan Amilassan over the weekend.

NOW, for the most common violation/s committed by our erring drivers in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, Amilassan cited the rampant wrong display of the plate numbers-- either those driving the 4-wheeled vehicles or those driving of their single motorcycles.

But, the most prevalent, according to Amilassan, are those being committed by our youngsters who wrongly display their MCs’ plate nos. rather than heed the law enforced by the LTO under its own code of the Philippines based on R.A. 4136. 
“If they wish to take care of their plate nos., they may do so. But, don’t have them tinted,” Amilassan warned. 
There you are, giving you all the latitudes to just see to it, there’ll be high compliance on your part, in the end.

DIST. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat is now early on in stepping up with his well-plugged “No Te Vaya Zamboanga!”
“Poreso, perde gat stos cun Cong. So’ na mga stratehiya pakimodo menya na mga benidero eleccion diaton ki,” c Bogs ya combersa ya tamen.
“Deberas man, poreso, c tiene eleccion, apuesta pa, Lobregat pa ste,” c Ador dol ta pone yaman puesta, maski lehos pa eleccion.

“Cosa lehos, man kisap lang bos, eleccion ya tamen,” aba c Nado el de monte, tampa sabe gayot.

Espera kamo tres! Taman intriga ya tamen kamo cun Cong. Celso. Ultimo-ora, ay confronta ya tamen se caniño nuay na ora.

“Porke man Pencing, ya tene ya ba tu faceoff cun Cong. Celso?” c Bogs talla ya tamen, ta precura ya tamen cuhi’ canaton.

Asegun, tu dao Pencing, yaman escrimas cun Cong. So’, durante kel “Araw ng Kagitingan,” deberas ba kel Pencing?” na s Ador ta pregunta man gayot deste clase de question.

No lang!
“Asegun Pencing, ya man ugut, ugut dao cuntigo c Cong. Celso cay ya scribe dao tu cosa nuay le gusta. Cosa man kel Pencing?” quiere gayot sabe ste c Bogs.

Ay amboot combos Bogs! Ebos Bogs, bien chismoso gat bos!
Ta kukina ya tamen gat bos Bogs! Espera bos!

HOW, about our lady Mayor Beng, how prepared is she for next elections, huh?
“Dol nuay man cunele noticia? Dol silencio man su campo Pencing?” c Bogs ya precura ya tamen man fishing expedition canaton.
“Cosa ba se fishing expedition Pencing? Amo ba se ta anda man pana’ para cuhi curay na manglehan de Vitali?” na c Nado, bien buysitt, de monte gane’ ste. Bien tanga, tanga c taki na pueblo. Bien atreber gat ste hinde’ na lugar. Esta quieto bos alli Nado, por pabor, cay man high blood kta combos nuay na ora.

“Hinde’ gane’ se pikon c Cong. So’ ta coloriya lang su ohos, cay mestizo igual cumigo,” ay mira cuneste c Nado, bien cuchara mal labao gat bos! Ay cunsumi kta combos Nadooo! Lasang gat bosss!

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