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Jawo’s move for NEA to take over Zamcelco “too drastic”


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CITY schools division Superintendent Pete Natividad sternly warned those out to make a fast buck, if ever, in the hiring of teachers, and even in the promotion of teachers.

Supt. Natividad’s stern warning came in the wake of serious allegations that were raised during the city council regular session Tuesday morning (May 13).

Pete, as he’s being familiarly addressed by those knowing him pretty well, said amongst those apparently being targeted is himself as he said he takes charge in the hiring of teachers.

Natividad merely laughed off the allegation as there are some unscrupulous individuals out to malign the DepEd here, including his person.

I know Mr. Pete Natividad, a blue-blooded Zamboangueño, and obviously belonging to the prominent Natividad clan in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. I can well vouch for his integrity and his professionalism as an educator.

I don’t know if others think otherwise, but as far as Pencing is concerned, I can’t say anything against Pete Natividad.

So, Mr. Pete N., my your tribe even increase in Dep-Ed, in this part of the region.

Aquellos tiene otro prueba contra cun Mr. Pete Natividad, you may come out and say so, but be sure you’re telling nothing but the truth, otherwise, it’ll boomerang to you.  Get me?

DIST. 1 Councilor “Jawo” Jimenez, Jr.’s proposed resolution for NEA to take over operations of Zamcelco anew, has been referred to the committee on Energy & Public Utilities chaired by Dist. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano.

Besides, such motion is “too drastic,” according to Dist. 1 Councilor Mel Sadain.

The young city legislator from Brgy. Ayala was poised to get the support of his colleagues for his motion be approved, but it wasn’t so.

Jimenez wanted NEA to take over because of the ongoing brouhaha that’s more of a disservice to our member-consumers, numbering in hundred thousands.

Jimenez’s move came on the heels of the near fracas that almost broke loose inside the Zamcelco conference room last Monday afternoon(May 12) during the  2nd visit of NEA lawyer/s to listen to the arguing case of the Multi-Sectoral Group for Better Zamcelco(MGBZ) filed by one of its members ex-board director Jun Marquez.

Visiting NEA lawyer Omar Mayo 

wouldn’t start the proceedings unless the media be thrown out first. The NEA lawyer, however, went on to meet the local media after its proceedings ended.

According to some observers present, the Jawo motion would entail more delays as time is of the essence for power to be stabilized in mi ciudad de Zamboanga amid the worsening effects on the current energy crisis spawned by the onset of El Niño now scourging literally the whole planet Earth with those countries in the Pacific rim suffering its brunt, the most. 

Jimenez, however, disagreed. When taking over its operations and other functions, NEA is even fast-tracking  Zamcelco’s own plans and programs, for NEA has all it has to take for its fast implementation, including the needed funds that Zamcelco is incapable right now to acquire those 16 mw modular gen-sets purportedly to help mitigate the aggravating power woes for it’s yet in the red, up to now.

But, this is easier said than done.

NEA already interceded for and in behalf of Zamcelco when it was believed enmeshed in graft  & corruption that prompted NEA to terminate en masse Zamcelco’s top brass 3 or 4 years ago.

“BUT, it didn’t succeed at all, cos NEA’s own appointed supervisor and at the same acting as GM was also thrown out due to supposed graft & corruption, as well,” an insider source confided to Pencing.

Ese pa!
“Mas bueno, man privatize yalang kta cunel Zamcelco,” c Bogs tampa sabe ya tamen. 

“Aura man privatize bo cunese Bogs, subido tamen keda gayot aton ccoriente,” c Ador ta purpia ya tamen.

“Na kamo, yo nuay problema, cay ste mio lus de petrolio ready lang ste,” ya pega ya tamen c Nado suyu paka de alla, alla.
Ay ambott!@

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