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VM Itu’s plain stupidity doesn’t sit well with SP


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City Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo explained his side as far as the controversial SP ‘modern’ edifice is concerned.

“There’s no formal turnover, as of yet, as we require the contractor to complete everything first, in so far as all its remaining minor defects are concerned. Although, it is now structurally safe, but there are still minor defects in that building. So, the contractor cannot yet claim full payment for its thorough major repairs,” Engr. Despalo clarified in furtherance.

Despalo said the major repairs were done by a Pagadian contractor to the tune of more than P20 million additional expenses on the part of the city gov’t. The initial cost of the supposed ‘modern’ Sanggunian Panlungsod building was in the amount of P50 million. But, when first discovered of its glaring major defects back in the mid of 2000, the city already spent a pretty huge additional funding.

The total amount spent by our city gov’t could have reached roughly P100 million already with the latest thorough repairs by its present contractor from Pagadian City, according to its detractors.

“It’s about time for our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar to also pinpoint responsibility and accountability for its major defects. As of now, the city hasn’t identified yet as who’s to blame for its major defects. We have been spending a lot of money for all those major defects. It should be undertaken by the contractor/s and not the city gov’t through the money of taxpayers. Diaton sen se,” bawled our former Vice Mayor Bong Ko the other day.

Ko filed raps in the ombudsman in the light of the major defects uncovered in the city’s modern SP edifice sometime in 2006.
He’s urging the city gov’t under the fresh leadership of lady Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar to make those responsible and accountable for all those major defects pay severely-- as, he said, “This is people’s money, our money!”

“Up to now, we have yet to find out the results of their investigation. This is just disgusting!,”  moaned Ko.

“”We want our lady mayor to heed to P-NOY’s own strong slogan: “Matuwit na Daan.”
Ay uwi ba caha’ c Mayor Beng canaton, vice?” c Bogs ta duda.

Ay sabe yalang kta, cay ta ricivi pa dao kel mga awards apuera. Cuanto awards ya c Mayor Beng ya ricvi ke ya dale cunele el mga otro ciudad aki pate apuera del pais?” c Ador quiere sabe.
“El diaton nana’ del ciudad debe era dale le mira, cay una suyu prioridad aki na aton ciudad, y nu-anay le pirmi sale y man travel para apuera. Atende anay le na mga prolema del ciudad, cay bien necicita cunele el mga ciudadanos ke ta sufri ya gayot asta ste mga tiempo,” c Bogs ta aclara.
“Sabe yalang kta siguru Bogs, cay c Mayor Beng pirmi busy, poreso nuay tiempo para atende dao ese mga lodo ta buta cunele suyu mga kritics,” c Ador ta contesta cun Bogs.

“Yo, Pencing nuay yo atrebe mete lli, cay man backout anay yo. Man about face anay yo,” c Nado bueno tamen, cay tiene le sense of delicadeza, hinde’ igual cunel mga losdemas lli, cay nuay dao gayot.
Ese pa!

“Why is it VM Cesar Iturralde reasoned that way, huh? Cay private property dao se abaho del ZAEC, poreso that’s the sole responsibility of ZAEC now Universidad de Zamboanga. That’s plain stupidity on the part of our vice mayor,” cried one no-nonsense radio journalist.

Ese pa!
“Quiere decir tu bangak aton vice mayor?” c Bogs ta pregunta man.
No seyo!

This furor about those supposed illegal peddlers down the ground-floor of ZAEC(UZ), was already brought to the attention of the council, accordingly, a number of times, yet it remains unresolved up to now.
About last year, the council gave a 90-day ultimatum to those affected out there, but up to now, the area has never changed. It remains like a market place, just the same.

Asst. City Administrator Elmeir Apolinario explicitly disclosed: “We have been running after all these illegal vendors in that place, and to prove our words are true, we have already confiscated almost hundred cell-phones, and booked them at our police here. But, the problem really here, is that we have very weak laws. I just hope the council will revisit their ordinance/s and increase their penalties. Because, these violators can just pay their meager fines and return to the place again,” Apolinario expounded well his statement.

Na, cosa pa man, debe ya el conseho tene ya backbone, para tene diente ya se ila mga ordinansa,” c Bogs ya gruñi ya tamen.

“Ay uwi ba caha sos combos Bogs,?” c Ador ta toncha’ ya tamen con Bogs.
“Dimi idol lli ta uwi gayot, maski se de alla, alla lang igual cumigo,” c Nado ya entra ya tamen su paka cuchara mal labao.  Ay ke carabao gat bos Nado!@

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