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Contractor to shoulder SP’s huge debts to Zamcelco?


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WHEN praying to GOD, be sure your prayer is pleasing in the sight of GOD. GOD won’t listen to our prayer, if we, ourselves, aren’t yet cleansed inside—meaning we have yet to repent—surrender our human will to God’s will, by following only his perfect will from now on. That’s why the Bible says: “Not all those who say Lord, Lord to me will be saved, but only those who do my will.”(Email:

When read of my column (Pencing) that the council is heavily indebted to Zamcelco to the tune of P700,000 plus, a council occupant who knows as to why it’s so, revealed to Pencing the truth of the matter.

“Jun, the council is not really the one indebted to Zamcelco, it’s the contractor that undertook the massive repairs of this sp structure about 2 years ago,” the source seemed to correct me.

He continued: “When the councilors vacated the (council) building and temporarily transferred to two city edifices nearby to pave the way for its massive rehabilitation, it was learned that the contractor himself didn’t know of its mounting billings being accumulated by the sanggunian panlungsod, and that all its arrears accrued during the repair works that lasted even 2 or more years, have remained unpaid up to now to the power coop here.

“The contractor/s only owes some P400,000 or something, and why it has ballooned to over P700,000 is something we don’t know,” the source further added.

Ese pa!
Kemanera man se ya kda ansina? Entonses Pencing, ay curta gayot coriente lli na sangguniang building el Zamcelco?” c Bogs ta tene apprehension.

“Bueno man se cosa ta ace se c GM George Ledesma lli, nuay pabor, pabor. C cunel pobre pronto sila curta coriente lli, porke man cunese mga grande consumers, ke mas muchu de-esos tiene ila kadalqual fondo o allocation para paga coriente, hinde ta puede? Aba, baca por causa de corruption ya tamen Pencing?” c Ador ya segunda.
“Ay amboot!

Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño accepted the irrevocable resignation of her former chief of staff, Ms. Ruth Allen A. Ruste,  who, as the tenor of her own resignation letter(dated April 14,2014) addressed to the good lady solon from the east-coast,
revealed that her resignation officially took effect last May1, 2014.

The office of the good congresswoman received her resignation letter officially the following day(April 15), as shown shown in her same resignation letter.

Her resignation letter( a photo-copy furnished to Pencing) states: “Thank you for the opportunities you have provided me to work in your office as your Chief, Political Officer since you assumed office last July 1 of last year. Thank you as well for the trust accorded me in organizing your office and the opportunity to meet and work with people in offices both in Manila and Zamboanga City during my stint. I am hereby tendering my resignation as Chief of Staff effective May 1, 2014. Should you need my assistance during this transition, please let me know. Thank you once again and more power in all your future undertakings, all for the good of the people of the Second District of Zamboanga.” (signed).

Ms. Allen A. Ruste is a blue-blooded Zamboanga lass belonging to the prominent Ruste clan residing in Brgy. San Jose Cawa-Cawa. She’s known as the most trusted chief of staff of then Congressman Erbie Fabian from the same district 2 who served in the Lower House for three straight consecutive years( 2004-2013). 

Indeed, a big loss!
Recall, the congressional office of our motherly congresswoman was dragged into the so-called PDAF scam last year, and one of her staff, a certain Manny, was summoned by the NBI. 

Cong. Nuño’s name was subsequently mentioned and was unduly published as shown in several  national broadsheets, and Ma’am Lilia Nuño was herself so shocked why the media had a field day on her and her congressional office, albeit having just assumed office after her rousing victory in the May 2013 local polls here.

TO erase any iota of suspicion, Cong. Nuño wanted an immediate full-dress probe on her supposed involvement. She instructed this certain Manny to submit himself to the NBI if indeed he had nothing to do with the PDAF mess. Manny, accorindg to Cong. Nuño voluntarily did so, and out of the probe, it was learned, that this Manny spilled the beans and confessed its ‘gospel truth.’ Manny is now connected with the office of the House of Speaker, Rep. Feliciano Belmonte, as it was found out he was just a mere messenger or an errand for whatever there was in this supposed PDAF transactions going on— linking the congressional office under District 2 in ZC.

When then Councilor Lilia Macrohon Nuño ran and convincingly won the congressional seat in district 2 in the last May 2013 polls, her predecessor former Congressman Erbie Fabian, serving his 3rd and last term in the Lower House, ran but miserably lost for mayor in same year’s local polls.

Our good friend (Cong.) Erbie’s name was recently included in the published report with regards to the controversial Napoles list wherein accused PDAF Queen Janet Napoles allegedly named all those senators, congressmen/women and others as amongst her ‘cohorts’ linked to the multi billion pesos PDAF scandal.

The scam surreptitiously funneled the huge funds to various NGOs unmasked as bogus by ongoing gov’t probes.

“In fairness to Cong. Erbie, it was other people doing all the dirty works for him, that even our now congresswoman Lilia Nuño was caught unaware,” quipped those supporting the now recluse ex- Cong. Fabian.

“El problema lli el paca corrupt diaton mas muchu mga Filipino. Porcausa se cultura de corruption diaton, El systema diaton guvierno, buluk, corrupt!” c Bogs bueno man gat ste man analyze.

“Ta aprende ya gayot se c Bogs, Pencing,”c Ador ya tontya ya tamen cun Bogs.

Estos Dos, man bungu-an gat yo inyo mga bulinao utuk.

“’Yo, Pencing, bright pa yo cunesos, dos,” otro ste de monte, espera tamen bos Nado! Taman high blood combos algunus!
“Kien man se?”
Ay amboott!@

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