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I’m not angry, I’m just Bold!



“IF you want to boast, boast only about the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 10:17)
“IF you reject criticism, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.”(Proverbs 15:32)

(Words of enlightenment):

THAT’s exactly true. If we claim as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ(our Savior), we have to be bold, to be even boastful all about his Glory, all about our Lord GOD. Don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed, go out there and spread his word, as bold as you can!
When GOD talked to Moses and Moses was put in total isolation from this physical world, so he could well receive directly the Word of GOD from Mt. Sinai, and stayed in recluse for 40 long years, if only not to miss any single mannah of revelations direct from God, the reason we have those ( first 5) books in the Bible, as inspired by GOD and attributed as inscribed by Moses, He instructed Moses to be bold and never be afraid to tell Pharaoh of GOD’s plan for the people of Israel. Moses’ only message as he cried out with boldness to Pharaoh: “Let my people go!”  

Why am I emphasizing on this, biblically? Because, many people like me-- supposedly being mad, angry, furious and extremely upset, are being misunderstood by most present leaders of ours right now in the pedestal of their governance not really keen to know the true sufferings of their own people whose only hopes, as even mandated, rest upon their shoulders, being their public servant leaders whom they( mostly the poor) voted into public office.
I need to let people know, including the local leaders, especially our very own lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar that they have no right to sweepingly pass judgment on their own people, yearning desperately for help, not knowing at all the many unthinkable factors affecting adversely and gravely their own less fortunate people, while they’re well comforted, not tormented at all, as they’re, at all times, just right there almost always in their comfort zone, unknowing-- whether wittingly or unwittingly, the mounting misfortunes aggravating and worsening every now and then, for they’re most of the time, opting to be just there, right within the confines of their own well-provided, well furnished, well-ventilated offices and far distance away from those hassles & bustles of the rigors of life outside, with their  well-provided security posted at all times by their doorsteps, while their own people are kept at all times, at bay-- away from their even so-called ‘harm’s way.’
If, indeed, they’re the true servants of the people, they better get out of their comfort zones, and stay more frequently and constantly with their own people so they’d be able to thoroughly grasp and even feel their true sentiments, their true sad stories in life, and as to why they’re in such sheer  desperation wanting to seek immediate help from their leaders to ably address their dire needs in life.

These supposed servant-leaders of ours, usually will come out in the open, known  masquerading as the people’s true servants whenever the campaign period for elections, becks on.
(“Alli bueno ya tamen sila man tampa, tampa na hente, Pencing. Tampa real ya tamen sila na mga hente. Stos tamen mga hente aton man tanga, tanga, ya tamen. Ase ya tamen kanila man silao na sen, ay cumpra ya tamen canila stos mga tampa lideres lang di-ila Pencing,”rabiao ya tamen c Bogs.      

“Hinde yo rabiao, bold lang gayot yo igual cun Pencing,” c Bogs ya compara man su cuerpo cun Pencing. Ta copya gayot cun su idol).
Why am I more emphatic on this, huh?

I tell you, honestly and categorically, just the truth. I was in City Hall (about 4pm or past?) that Thursday afternoon, and even had a hard time getting even a short period of time for an access right straight to her honor, the mayor’s office.

I had to go through channels, as advised to me, just the usual treat we get from her administration up to now( the very opposite when the media, including me, interviewed her either on radio, on TV or on print, shortly after her overwhelming victory in last year’s local polls, that she’d have a well-trained staff to help her smoothen up and make easier for her own people in approaching her office for dire help. It has yet to happen my dear beautiful and blessed-looking Mayor Beng. I was one of only a few who even rooted for her to run for a higher office in the past, while yet a lady councilor then. Right lady Mayor Beng? Unless, you have had a very short memory, that way, I can’t entirely blame you. Try to reminisce well my dear beautiful Mayor Beng. Try to recall well my dear gorgeous lady Mayor Beng.
So, being there on top of my voice( the radio announcers’ trademark then during its prime days in broadcasting) doesn’t mean at all I’m angry, doesn’t mean at all I’m shouting, it doesn’t mean at all anything devilish in me. In-fact, you & I and for that matter, every human being, should better know more about our innermost component in life, in-fact, the most special in the sight of GOD.
LET’s be more focused on letting people know more importantly, about our own Spiritual Reality.  How to let people know about the importance of having a thorough knowledge of his own  Spiritual Reality.— that any life that doesn’t include eternity is not real life at all. It’s like a dream that when we wake up, it’s not longer there. It’s all gone when we open our physical eyes in the morning.

Now, my dear mayor, I tell you why we’re rather under curse instead being blessed by our Almighty Father in Heaven—I mean our city, literally, right now, when struck by all those maladies( both natural and man-made), starting from Sept. of last year when a bloody siege by the MNLF-Misuari armed group scourged the city, and even worsened up to now by all these mad and senseless bloody gun-attacks happening right in our midst with all impunity.

IT’s all because we look (frankly, speaking) more like hypocrites in the sight of the Father Almighty. We’re like (as what the Scripture says) those “hypocrites in sheep’s clothing, but inside they’re ravening wolves.”

What does this mean? God hates and detests hypocrisy so much. It’s akin to a vomit in the sight of God.
And, He knows if we’re indeed sincere, loyal and truthful to Him.

We cannot hide at all our iniquities. No matter how we project ourselves to the physical world, to our mere mortals in this secular world, GOD knows us so darn well, that we can’t even escape or avoid him at all, in the end. You and I know darn well( unless spiritually bankrupt), that our life is a short one, merely a borrowed one-- the reason why we die. In the Scripture, it’s very clear that man/woman has only  scores plus 10—that means he/she only has 70 years to live in this world. That’s our expiry date in life, but if we live longer than that, as many old people do and live even a 100 years or more, those are bonus years for us. But, ultimately, one day the Inevitalbe(derath0 will surely visit us, even like a thief in the night, sans any warning at all.
For, if this is our life, we can live as long as we want, as we are supposedly in complete control of our own life. But, unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all. That’s why when we die, the body will return to the ground( from dust we came, from dust we all return), but the soul will return to GOD, and will make its full account to its Creator, to its Maker(GOD).

And all our deeds on the earth, recorded in the Book of Works, will be revealed. God will even let us judge our own life while, one time, physically alive. He’ll allow us to judge our own life whether worthy to inherit His Kingdom and His Glory in Heaven or not.

If ultimately our names cannot be found in another Book in Heaven-- which is the Book of Life, then with utter disappointment, we’ll find ourselves in the Torments of the Fires of Hell for all eternity where there’s endless weeping whaling, gnashing of teeth and all sorts of extreme sufferings that no one can ever help you at all, for such a scary destination is with all finality.

IF done the goodness of GOD, by obeying only his perfect will, then surely and absolutely, GOD will reward us all the  Eternal Happiness, all the eternal Joy and the everlasting Sharing of His Glory where there’s no more sufferings, no more weeping, no more pain and no more death to worry about.
This is our very own Spiritual Reality, my friend. There are things that are unseen, but they are real, my friend. One of these is our Soul, we can’t see it, but it’s the soul that really makes us truly alive today.
DO you think it’s our eyes that make us see? No, it’s our soul, my friend. Do you think it is your ears that make you hear? No, it’s the soul within us that makes us hear. DO you think it’s our body that feels really the pain? No, it’s the soul inside us, my friend. When that soul departs from the body, when man dies(physically), the body, though yet complete with all its physical organs and with all its known faculties, it won’t respond anymore at all, because the one that makes it truly respond( the soul) is no longer there.

Am I talking sense about our Spiritual Reality, my brothers and sisters, including our very own ever sweet-looking lady Mayor Beng, huh?

AGAIN, just to let you know, Pencing is not all angry, not all mad, not all hating anyone, he’s just BOLD! His adrenalin in the Spirit needs to be so. For GOD says, don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed in spreading his Word to all corners of the world. AS how He told his own very disciples while his Begotten Son Jesus Christ was roaming on the earth more than 2,000 year ago: “I have many children in all corners the world. They don’t know you and you don’t know them, but when they hear your voice they’ll follow you, because my sheep know my voice.”

NOW ,you know who really is Pencing inside him. Now, you know that not all those who have to cry out aloud for the Lord’s sake, is that angry at all, is not civil at all. They’re just showing their awesome boldness for the sake of the Lord Almighty. When Jesus cried out to all the people of his generation, how did the Lord demonstrate it? Was he passive? listless? lethargic? Indolent? Weak? Sluggish? No! He cried out: “Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!”

Now, you know when Jesus, while dying on the cross, asked His Father in Heaven: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they’re doing.” It only means one thing, they’re indeed illiterate, and even dead in the spirit for they knew nothing at all about their own Spiritual Reality.

INDEED, we need to focus and learn more about our Spiritual Reality in these days when pockets of judgment are right now happening in our very midst. We need to know more and put more impetus, more time and more effort to know about our Spiritual Reality. And, the only way to know more about it, is by continuously hearing and hearing the words of GOD. For the Word of God will feed our hungry souls in search for the Truth. The Word of God is food for the soul. “The Word that I have spoken will be the same Word to judge you in the last days,” declared our Lord Jesus Christ, the one, so many in all generations there’s to come, profess as our Savior in the last days.

We need to share the Lord’s words to you, as many of those, without their knowing it, are in truth, yet very much in the darkness.
GOD’s love is all inclusive. He even commands us to love our enemy, “Do good to them that hate you, pray for them that despitefully use you.”
See what I mean, my dear lady Mayor?@

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