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If true alluded as Zamcelco’s consultant, Pencing denies it!


(Words of enlightenment)

UPON our death(physically), our spiritual life begins-somewhere in eternity—either in Hell or in Heaven. If we do the Lord’s will, then surely, He’ll reward us His Glory in Heaven. But, if we disregard God’s will and follow our own will through the influence of Satan, Lucifer the devil, absolutely, Hell is our destination for all eternity.


Last Wednesday afternoon(May 14), I was in the office of city’s top criminal lawyer Atty. Alfredo “Fred” Jimenez, Sr., and he appeared visibly preoccupied, with all those court cases he’s handling right on top of his table that day. And, one of which is the recent brutal and senseless killing of a worker in one gas depot situated at Lower Calarian.

Fred, as he’s fondly addressed by his various clients, is upbeat he’ll work for the sure acquittal of his accused client.

Atty. Fred Jimenez is one top electoral lawyer, as well. He’s one of the most-in-demand election lawyers whenever electoral protests arise, especially from losing candidates coming from the South—meaning from Sulu and Tawi-Tawi and even the neighbour autonomous island province of Basilan.

What’s your batting average when out to defend your clients, Atty.?

Usually, Fred won’t divulge you outright his own sterling record as a hired legal counsel, but they’re those who know best of his brilliant prowess in court-- either as a prosecutor or appearing as a defence counsel  in court.

When asked about his supposed client, the renowned renegade cop Rizal Alih-- tagged as the main suspect in the infamous Jan. l989 Batalla incident that levelled the then PC/INP main headquarters at Cawa-Cawa (now Gen. Eduardo Batalla) Camp on RT Lim Blvd., the prominent Zamboangueño lawyer appeared somewhat like not inclined to give his categorical response. As if no longer interested to talk about it.

He’d rather not talk about it, most probably.

And, when Fred seemed not animated to speak about a case like that, I seem capable to figure out why any top notch lawyers, like Atty. Fred Macaso Jimenez, Sr., merely keep mum and would rather not talk about them anymore. 
“Na sabe ya man bo Jun, lawyers can’t just speak and speak in court if their clients are not cooperative at all,” the legal luminary from Brgy. Ayala quipped.

Including financially?
“Aba siempre, anda lang tu lla na Manila, empty handed?”
Deberas se, the reason why Atty. Fred Jimenez, is one of the most sought-after( expensive) legal luminaries up to this date.
“See you Fred,” as I bid him bye, after my interview with him in his office.

“Donde kita Jun, Zalos?”

A councilor last Friday, revealed me that somebody mentioned the name of Pencing as one of Zamcelco’s consultants for the press. My! I totally deny it. Though, I write a lot about issues relative to Zamcelco’s current woes, including its supposed justifications and other good and legitimate reasons/motives as if depending the side of the power coop here, it doesn’t mean I’m having any string attachment, in any manner to Zamcelco. Ask its GM George Ledesma or even its board prexy Omar Sahi, they’ll both confirm that Pencing isn’t, in whatever capacity at all, connected with their Coop.

If that somebody is alluding my name as one of its consultants, I’ll advise him this early, don’t ever try to impede my name if not true at all, please. I warn this guy. I tell you, there’s a scale Up there that no one soul can escape from the very Heaven’s own controls of Justice. I tell you, that while the Lord in Heaven commands us to love all our fellowmen, including our very enemies, as Scripture says: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Love your enemy, as well. That means don’t hate them but pray that they’ll be blessed and enlighten..” However, the lord is very emphatic, too: “Vengeance is all mine.”

Get me? Poreso, no gayot ase se, por pabor. For your own good, amigo.

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