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(Words of enlightenment)
Man has only three(3) scores plus ten(10) to live in this physical world. It only means that after 70 years of tired living in this world, although many are given some bonus years to live longer—the reason a number of old people reach the age of even a hundred years—the Inevitable(Death) will ultimately visit us. Death doesn’t choose its prey. To prove that this is true, go to the cemetery, and you’ll find all ages buried there in their lonely graves—old, young, child, infant, teenager and etc.


NEA taking over? Nope, The Jimenez proposed resolution for NEA to better take anew the cudgel in supervising the operations of Zamcelco, has been, instead, referred to the council committee on Energy & Public Utilities chaired by Dist. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano.

The move was initiated by Dist. 1 Councilor Luis “Noning” Biel III during its recent regular session this May.

Biel contended: “We need first to have a thorough study of the proposal. We need to come up with a win-win solution( to Zamcelco’s shaky bid for the 16 mw modular gen-sets with a multi-million peso loan from NEA. In other words, NEA will finance such deal as it has the money while Zamcelco has none at all-- to be able for the Coop here to acquire those modular gen-sets believed necessitated at this point in time to help address the imminent worsening power crisis that’s presently dogging us right now with the sizzling summer heat causing its ‘mayhem’ upon us all, right now.

Councilor Biel said the council expects to know by this week, probably, what NEA thinks about the council move in helping cope up with Zamcelco’s immediate plan for the 16 mw modular gen-sets.

At-last, the council has shown right now, as toeing the line so as Zamcelco can probably fast-
track such plan, as the people can’t wait any longer. The power outages that we’re currently experiencing will even deepen unless we all unite as one to hastily resolve its woe.

In times of extreme needs, unity & solidarity is indeed a paramount factor to take cognizance of.

For, if we’re loosened, oblivious and not keen lending our helping hand at all when facing a common problem like this pestering power crisis, we’ll all fall apart as one in this supposed hex hounding us up to now.

“Puede ba, hustu ya kta man pasikat lli, hustu ya se mga grandstanding diostedes, pampankita lamang, Lejos pa election,” c Bogs ya kritica ya tamen.  
“Deberas se, nu-anay kta man pasikat lli, cay el mga hente nuquiere anay man damay na pulitika dyostedes. Ta sufri ya sos, gutum na!,” c Ador ya segunda tamen.
Puede anay, por pabor.


New NBI Regional Dir. Ferdinand M. Lavin the other day revealed that one “High Profile” case they’re tasked to keenly look into is the Judge Estacio gun-slaying sometime last March this year. He said the formed TF Estacio led by our local PNP here under ZCPO Acting Dir. Angelito Casimiro is intensively pursuing the said case and that many angles are yet being considered. “One of which is that it could be work-related,” Dir. Lavin admitted.

BUt, Dir. Lavin said they’re not discounting other motives having to do with the cold-blooded murder of Judge Reynerio Estacio assigned to a local court here (was it Br. 14 or 16?), not very sure, really.

Dir. Lavin admitted there are other known celebrated cases that happened in ZC, but that he simply can’t recount them that easy, right now when interviewed by Pencing in his office. But, that the bottom-line is that his office here is under some kind of an intense pressure to swiftly act on them.
Dir. Lavin, prior to his assumption here sometime early this year, was the NBI deputy assigned as Chief of its so-called Death Investigation section based in its central office, Metro Manila.

“It’s our (death) investigation unit that investigated the infamous Atimonan incident in Quezon (last year),” Dir. Lavin informed.

Dir. Lavin headed the probe team from its NBI central office, as head of its death investigation unit, which eventually caused the reported mass relief from the police service of scores of policemen-- including a number of top police junior officers.

With such dedication and loyalty to public service, ZC needs your kind,hence, more power to you, Dir. Lavin!


THE Kingdom Light Congregation-KLC (of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ-- the Name above every name)’s mass baptism in Region-9 held on Saturday(May 17) in the municipality of Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay, was a rousing success with close to 100 newly-baptized Kingdom citizens harvested to help spread the Lord’s Glory in these last days.

We thank some of the good Samaritans who, in one way or another, contributed to its huge success in its spiritual endeavor: Zamboanga City Gov’t—(P8,000); Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño- cash(P2,000) and Dist. 1 Councilor Luis Biel III—P500. The city’s  KLC here under its local Minister Romy Deloso, harvested  the biggest bulk of new Kingdom citizens with some 50 and the remaining coming from the different parts of the whole Zamboanga Peninsula.

Again, our deepest thanks and prayers to all who have shown their wholehearted support to the KLC that’s more working for the Salvation of Mankind in these last days.

“Dol pastor yaman ste c Pencing, Ador,” aba c Bogs ta questiona, ta duda cun Pencing.

“Yo ste ta sale gayot yo aclarao na mi fe con dios porcausa lang cun Pencing, Pero’ ste c Bogs, ta questiona pa gayot. Tiene pa gayot duda, igual cun Doubting Thomas,” c Ador  ya contesta.

“Na, yo Pencing, ta entende tamen gat yo cuntigo, pero’ puede ba yo otrabes entra na bariga mi nana cay born again man caha’?” na c Nado, bien bangak gayot, keber entra dao le otrabes na bariga d su nana.

“Nado, quiere decir se born again, na spiritu y hinde’ na laman, entiende?” c Bogs yaman español ya le ta combersa cun Nado cay mestiso dao ste español.

Poreso gale’ ste c Nado, bien alto el pride, maski taman carabao, cabarao lang ste, pero’ bien altao gat su capricho.
Ya sale el bagon d Nado!

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