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Beng’s foxy statement to Celso’s “No Te Vayas..”


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City Hall felt somewhat ‘stunned’ by Zamcelco’s sharp rejoinder issued by its GM George Ledesma as saw print in this column last week, blatantly pinning the blame on the city for pulling off first the trigger, with regards as who’s who as really heavily indebted.

City Hall snapped: “As far as our current obligations( to Zamcelco) are concerned, we’re always up to date. But, as to the arrears, it came about due to the extraordinary times that we have gone through. And, everybody knows what actually happened to our city starting the month of Sept. last year, right?” a top City Hall source disclosed.

In a nutshell, City Hall wants to let all & sundry know that Zamcelco is the one to be blamed for all the brouhaha that came close to probably open the so-called Pandora’s Box, so to speak.  As to which side it’ll be?  That’s one big question mark as of yet.

By now, let’s set aside all these wranglings, cos they don’t do any good to all of us in here.

“Counterproductive se ila mga infightings lli. Todo kta ki ta sale perdition, hinde ba Pencing?” c Bogs dol hustu tamen gayot.

‘Deberas man, dol bata dyutay kta ki. Talli pa se mga problema nupuede kta ni resolbe, despues man pellahan pa kta ki, bien buwsit se ansina,” c Ador tupao tamen.

“Mas bueno man curniayahan ya sila lli. Igual ste mi carabao ombre ta curnia na mojer, terrible ste mi carabao,” talli ya tamen el de monte, ebos gayot Nado, bien pampi ya gat bos ta kda, igual ya bos cunese lli unu  na conseho, bien pampahron gayot.

“Na ya hodentya ya, kien man caha se Bogs?” c Ador quiere gayot sabe.

Ay ambooot!@

Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat’s new favorite battle-cry, “No Te Vayas de Zamboanga” appears what many local folks here are fearing of, the start of the very probable future epic political showdown between him and his ever known loyal protégé our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar.
When asked about her possible reaction to such a battle-cry, Mayor Beng’s rather reply was this: “You ask him(Cong. Celso), but I stick to mine, “Build Back Better Zamboanga.”    

“Na, claro ya, Pencing estos dos man encuentro ya gayot,” Aba c Bogs dol ta roga yaman gayot.

“Hinde’ sos man encuentro bosing,” c Ador ta duda.

“C esos dos man encuentro, apuesta pa c..” c Nado ya precura era abla su gallo, pero c Bogs ya suheta cuneste derecho cay bien te’rible gat ste c Nado, nuay preno, preno ste s ta abri su boca.

Espera bos! Porcausa debos, c bosing ta sale lli mal parao. Puede ba Nado, batsi anay!
Na ta cunsumi ya tamen c Bogs. Man de alta pa caha’ ste. No lang!

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