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ZC’s planned’s modern IBT in Divisoria up for sale?


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There are these strong ‘loose talks’ going around in our business sector here, that the city plans to put on auction –meaning up for grabs amongst interested private individuals-- its own 3-hectare lot property earlier touted where our supposed modern Integrated Bus Terminal(IBT) in Brgy. Divisoria, east-coast of the city, will rise.

Such droning is pretty obvious that one of those interested to grab such opportunity is the SM conglomerates owned by Henry Sy-- the country’s wealthiest man.

If it so happens, the SM will be the one to set up the city’s envisioned IBT with a supposed large complex for its parking space, as it aims to buy, as well, the adjoining lot owned by one big religious organization with about 2 hectare- size lot to its credit.

If everything that the city owns, is being privatized in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, then it’s going to be one tough costly place to live in-- especially for those poor out there having a hard time to eke out a living for the day.

“Entonses, bosing, todo yaki canaton, man privatize ya sila? Komo se aton agua bibir(drinking water) y asta ese tamen lus(light) aton del Zamcelco, cay tiene noticia man privatize tamen dao cunese,” c Bogs ya tene apprehension suyu.

“Ese ya ba kel ta abla sila No Te Vayas de Zamboanga?” na c Nado el de monte, ya ase tamen su pregunta.

“Nu-anay kta ba ase de-ese mga observation, cay mga haka, haka palang se,” c Ador ta consela.

Ay amboot!

Comparably speaking, we are better off here, when talking of power curtailments.

“In Pagadian City and even in our neighbor province of Sibugay, their blackouts/brownouts there last even up to 8 hours daily. 4 hours in the morning and then another 4 hours in the evening,” revealed Zamcelco Prexy Omar Sahi over the weekend.

Right now, mi ciudad de Zamboanga is having its tormenting power shortage/s for only about 2 to 3 hours-- having relatively improved these recent days as compared those previous days sometime last month of April and early of May when power outages hit ZC for as long as 8 to 9 hours daily.

“Entonses, Pencing, mas bueno pa gale ki na diaton ciudad c ansina ya sabe kta cay mas grabe gale’ di-ila mga blackouts lla?” c Nado ya contesta, dol tiene gat le coriente ta usa cay de alla, alla man ste. Cay de sulu’ lang sila lla tiempoy noche, poreso dol escalera lang ila mga retaso lla. Talla sila pilit nas ilay escalare de canya, pila, pila lang lla, ktahan cutu sila lla.

Na cosa man se chismis ta ase sila cuntigo Nado? Debersan ba se?

“Deberasan se bosing,” mapait cun Nado, bien honesto na su mga palabra, hinde’ igual aton mgs losdemas lidere ki, bien pampi gayot!
Esos ta abla kita mga pampa’ron, igual cunese unu lli na conseho.

“Kien man se bosing?” c Bogs kiere sabe.
Ay amboot!@

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